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Do you have a car? Then you are required to have at least third-party liability insurance. That’s a fact. And do men pay more premiums than women? No, that’s a fable. We list the greatest facts and fables for you.


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1. An insurer accepts everyone

 1. An insurer accepts everyone

Not true. An insurer is not obliged to accept everyone. If insurers see you as too great a risk, they may refuse you. For example if you have driven a lot of damage.

2. Claiming window damage costs you damage-free years

 No, it is not. Most claims have an impact on your claim-free years. Window damage and theft not. These claims therefore have no direct influence on your premium.

3. Your car insurance automatically stops when you sell your car

 This is not the case. You must cancel your car insurance with your insurer. And don’t forget to send the proof of warranty.

4. The green card is mandatory in the Netherlands

 4. The green card is mandatory in the Netherlands

No, this is not mandatory. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to have this – literally – green card with you. In some European countries it is considered a national insurance certificate, so always take it with you on a trip!


1. Steps on the bonus-malus ladder are not the same as claim-free years

Indeed, these differ from each other. The step on the bonus-malus ladder determines how much discount you will receive if you drive without damage. This differs per car insurer. The following applies to all motor insurers: with most claims you claim, you fall back five years without claims.

2. The premium may vary per postcode

 This is indeed the case. More is claimed by insured persons in some zip code areas and cities. That is why the premium there is higher. You can imagine that a lot of damage is being driven in the center of Amsterdam, for example.

3. Young people up to the age of 24 pay a higher deductible

Is right. For most insurers, an increased deductible applies to young people under 24 years of age. This is because young people have less driving experience and therefore a higher risk of car damage.

4. Young people and the elderly pay a higher premium

This is also true. It differs per insurer. Young people and the elderly both belong to risk groups and therefore pay more premiums with a number of insurers.

Fact or fable: comparing takes a lot of time

 Fact or fable: comparing takes a lot of time

This is certainly a fable! You can compare the best car insurance policies in three steps. And that quickly gives you a nice saving! Save easily on your car insurance