10 Strongest Dystopian Movie Heroes, Ranked

While there are plenty of cinematic visions of the future that tease a bright utopia, it’s much easier to find dystopian films that explore the darker parts of society in a world struggling to rebuild itself after an apocalypse or rebel against a totalitarian ruling class. These films highlight our own fears about the extent of society’s downfall, which makes the unique brand of dystopian heroes shine even brighter.

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There are a number of dystopian and post-apocalyptic films that have featured heroes who are perfectly suited to their time, who likely fought for survival at every stage of their lives. These are some of the strongest heroes who have appeared in dystopian movies who are best at making a bad situation better.

ten Ben Richards was trapped and forced to survive for entertainment in The Running Man

Arnold Schwarzenegger - THE RUNNING MAN

1987 The running man starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a former military captain named Ben Richards, who was framed for mass murder after refusing orders to kill innocent civilians from a corrupt media-controlled government police state.

Richards briefly escaped imprisonment, only to be caught again and forced to fight for his survival on a game show that served to entertain and distract the general public. Richards and his fellow escapees were pitted against over-the-top gladiators in an arena beneath the remains of Los Angeles as the resistance attempted to expose the show’s lies and government corruption.

9 The Mariner of Waterworld was an aquatic mutant who fought to survive ecological devastation

Kevin Costner starred as the Unnamed Sailor in 1995s water world, which was set on an Earth that had been flooded after the polar ice caps melted. Survivors of the cataclysmic event adapted over time to navigate the endless oceans or form together on floating atolls, while some like the Mariner began to mutate and evolve to better suit the world. .

The Mariner had gills and webbed feet that allowed it to live both above and below water, giving it an advantage in battle with the destructive nomads known as the Smokers who threatened the last way of life remaining in the flooded world.

8 Katniss Everdeen used her archery skills to help lead a rebellion against a fascist leader


The hunger Games The franchise introduced Katniss Everdeen to the big screen as a contestant in a new wave of televised survival games organized by the fascist government to keep the various struggling neighborhoods of the dystopian world online while the elite bet on games in the luxury.

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Katniss was skilled with a bow and arrow, which gave her an edge over some of the games’ other competitors, though her real strength lies in her ability to inspire others to fight against the corrupt Capitol and liberate the districts that have suffered under President Snow.

seven The titular hero of the Book of Eli was a skilled survivor with a mission in a post-apocalyptic future

In a post-apocalyptic society struggling to rebuild after a nuclear holocaust decimated the world, a man on a mission has found his way across the country in the 2010s. the book of eli. The titular hero was the guardian of a precious book that turned out to be a copy of the Holy Bible, sought after by a criminal warlord who hoped to use it to extend his control over the decimated world.

Eli (played by Denzel Washington) was a highly skilled fighter who was able to take on roving gangs of survivors, which was made all the more impressive when it was finally revealed that he was blind. Eli’s strength of character, belief in his convictions and the faith that drove him were all strong qualities that allowed him to persevere in the dystopian society.

6 Max Rockatansky survived the fall of society to become the legend known as Mad Max

Mel Gibson Mad Max

Mel Gibson starred as Max Rockatansky in the hit madmax franchise that followed the former cop as he dealt with societal collapse, the loss of his family, and the resulting post-apocalyptic society. Tom Hardy later reprized the role for 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road of franchise manager George Miller.

He became a road warrior who wandered the desert, his legend building as he reluctantly aided the various encampments he encountered on his travels. Although Max had no enhanced abilities, his survivor skills and brilliant tactical mind gave him an edge in the dry and barren world that had gone wild after the Society’s fall.

5 Snake Plissken was forced to undertake several missions by the corrupt government which he abandoned

John Carpenter Escape from New York introduced fans to Snake Plissken by Kurt Russel, a former Special Forces agent who turned his back on the corrupt government that hunted him down. He was frequently forced to undertake missions whenever he was recaptured, which usually resulted in him entering gated cities that were turned into lawless prison colonies.

Plissken was highly skilled and skilled with advanced technology and weaponry, which allowed him to not only survive in deadly cities like Manhattan Los Angeles that he was forced to flee, but also outwit the military and denounce the corrupt presidency.

4 Dredd was the next generation of law enforcement officers in a crime-ridden mega-city

While the original 1995 adaptation, Judge Drdd, captured the cramped, dangerous and overcrowded streets of Mega-City One with slightly more precision than the 2012 remake, Dred, there’s no doubt that Karl Urban brought the titular judge Dredd the Best to life.

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The futuristic police officer represents a streamlined justice system that allows officers to act as judge, jury, and executioner, and Judge Dredd is a legend among his fellow judges. He’s well-trained, brutally devoted to the law, and has a steely resolve that drives him to fight for justice in a world so filled with crime he barely scratches the surface.

3 RoboCop was the corporate response to OCP’s police strikes and rising crime rate in Detroit

RoboCop Rogue City Header

Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 classic, RoboCop, explored a not-too-distant future where the city of Detroit had been forced to allow a megacorporation known as Omni-Consumer Products to privatize police and other government operations. This was in direct response to rising crime rates which led to a police strike, which also inspired the creation of OCP’s RoboCop program.

Fallen Officer Alex Murphy has been rebuilt using cutting-edge technology that has dramatically increased his strength and durability while improving his shooting ability using computerized targeting systems to further increase his level of threatens. Murphy was able to free himself from OCP’s programming and worked to help the police and the people against OCP’s dark plans for Detroit.

2 Battle Angel Alita was an advanced cyborg fighting to take down an elite floating city

2019 Alita: battle angel adapted the classic manga series and introduced the powerful and deadly cyborg named Alita, who was found in a junkyard in the ruined Iron City, which lived in the shadow of the floating city of Zalem. Alita is rebuilt and gains a powerful army-created body which she first uses to become a bounty hunter to eliminate other altered humans.

She is an incredibly skilled fighter with a high-tech body that makes her both fast and strong, which she uses to perform in the violent game of motoball to win the public’s support in her battle to bring down society. Zalem elitist who capitalized on Iron City’s works.

1 Neo gained the ability to control the artificial world of machines in the Matrix’s dark future

the cropped flying neo matrix

Keanu Reeves first starred as a computer programmer named Thomas Anderson in 2001 The matrix before being awakened to the real post-apocalyptic world. Neo was freed from a human battery compound created by the sentient machines that had managed to take over the Earth’s surface after it was destroyed in a war with humanity.

He was prophesied as the One, which meant he was able to control and manipulate the code that ran through the virtual reality used by the machines to keep humanity under control. Neo had enhanced strength, the ability to fly, and access to all fighting styles that could be downloaded into his brain. He also began to develop the ability to control machines in reality.

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