13 technical skills for every professional

To say that there are technical skills for professionals means that they are particular to people who have training in this field.

As an individual with prior or development knowledge, it is easy to understand what programming, JavaScript, coding, etc. are, compared to a novice who has no history or knowledge in this field.

To understand some of these skills and professions, you need to be well-rounded and familiar with the proper scientific terminology and its intricacies. It is believed that these are the the skills most in demand for the future because every organization needs people with this talent to grow their business or business.

Here are the technical skills for professionals

  1. Web development and programming
  2. Translation
  3. Virtualization
  4. Game development
  5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  6. Mobile development
  7. Robotics
  8. cyber security
  9. cloud computing
  10. Software engineering and development
  11. Network maintenance
  12. quantum computing
  13. blockchain

Web development and programming

You don’t want to be dependent on skills you no longer need. Thus, you need to develop your skills to follow the trend. Web development and programming are technical skills that you would want to acquire if you are in the discipline.

In the programming industry, Bootstrap, Angular, Code Igniter, and jQuery are considered the core languages. Having an AR or VR project with coding in one of these languages ​​will demonstrate your expertise.

Basically, without programming, a computer is unable to perform any task. Programming allows a set of instructions that the processor must follow to accomplish the task. Many companies need a programmer to help develop their web pages to improve the structure.


Translation is that talent that deals with the interpretation of code from one computer language to another. Translators are in high demand and can work in environments such as machine learning engineers, intelligence analysts, web content editors, etc.


This is the ability to use software to emulate hardware resources. With virtualization, you can conceptualize computer hardware, operating systems, servers, and storage devices. As a viewer, you can work as a cloud engineer, system engineer, virtualization engineer, etc.

Game development

To beat outdated skills, you need to master the trending business skills that can advance you in your career as a tech enthusiast. Game development is the process of creating games using code. As a gamer, you need to develop an idea, then design, build, test, and publish games for gaming enthusiasts.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The importance of technical skills cannot be overstated because technology is the future. Artificial intelligence is the computer’s ability to imitate human intelligence. The machine learns from human experience or repetition and can solve difficulties, understand language, make decisions and recognize objects.

Mobile development

Mobile development is the process of creating mobile applications for phones. There are many different coding languages ​​that a developer should know, including HTML and CSS.


Robotics is the science and technology of robots. Robots can be used to replace repetitive or dangerous tasks that humans typically perform.

cyber security

Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand technology skills. This is to protect computer systems and networks from cyberattacks.

Software engineering and development

This is another of the most in-demand skills for the future. Software engineering combines scientific and technological principles with creative and human problem-solving skills. It is a very complex field that involves the effective integration of hundreds of technical fields such as computer science, mathematics, artificial intelligence, graphics and design. Professionals in this field typically require a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science from an accredited university program and additional certification or industry training.

Software development is the process of creating all software intended for use by a customer. This can include operating systems, software libraries, desktop applications, and utility programs. In addition to knowledge of computers and mathematics, this field requires creativity and excellent communication skills.

Network maintenance

It is the act of performing tasks to keep networks in good working order, including troubleshooting, installing hardware and software, and what needs to happen in the future.

cloud computing

Cloud computing uses platforms such as Amazon’s AWS, which simplifies the process of storing and loading massive amounts of data. Cloud development skills are relevant for careers such as full-stack developer, senior software engineer, cloud engineer, Java developer, and software architect.

quantum computing

Network providers can use quantum computing skills to help research and model quantum technologies. Quantum computing requires algebraic skills to develop algorithms and is based on different quantum theory principles than traditional computing. Qubits – units of information in a system where information can only be measured by 0 or 1, unlike bits in modern computers which can be encoded by 1 or 0 – will allow computers to process more information at the same time. time, allowing large data sets to be processed faster.


Recently, if you talk about the most in-demand tech skills for 2022, Blockchain technology has to be one of them. Blockchain technology is a digital ledger of transactions originally designed for the Bitcoin digital currency. Blockchain developers use blockchain skills in combination with skills in cryptography, data structures, algorithms, and computer networks. The recording of transactions carried out by a blockchain is a transparent open environment.

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