A Covid review for 2022 boards: CBSE plans two end-of-term exams for 10, 12; reduced program


The Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) has developed a plan for the Council examinations for grades 10 and 12 for the school year 2021-2022. Instead of a Board exam at the end of the year, the academic session has been divided into two terms, with the Board taking the exams at the end of each.

In a notification released on Monday, the Council also announced that the year program will be streamlined along the lines of what was done in the last academic year, when the program was cut by 30%. The streamlined program will be split in two over the two quarters.

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The Quarter I exams will take place from November to December 2021 and will feature multiple choice questions (MCQs) covering only the first half of the streamlined curriculum. These exams will last 90 minutes. The Board will send the questions and scoring grids to the schools, who will conduct the exams under the supervision of external reviewers and observers, and send the results to the Board.

Semester II exams will take place in March-April 2022 at examination centers set by the Council. These exams will be two-hour exams with questions in different formats, but “in case the situation is not conducive to normal descriptive exams”, the semester II exams will also be in the form of 90-minute MCQs.

While the results of the two end-of-quarter reviews will contribute to the final overall score, the Board has created a basket of four options depending on the Covid situation.

The four scenarios:

1) If the two end-of-term exams can be organized in the centers, the theoretical marks will be distributed evenly between the two exams.

2) If schools are to be closed at the time of Semester I exams and students have to take exams online or offline from home, but Semester II exams can be held at centers, “the weight of [Term I] the examination for the final mark would be reduced and the weighting of the examinations of semester II would be increased for the declaration of the final result ”.

3) If the reverse – semester I exams are held at school, but semester II exams cannot be held at the center and students take them online or offline – “the results would be based on student performance in semester I Exam based on multiple choice and internal evaluations The weighting of the marks for the exam for semester I… will be increased to provide end-of-year results ”.

4) If none of the exams can take place in schools or centers, the results will be calculated on the basis of internal evaluations and practical work, and theoretical marks of the exams of trimesters I and II taken by students at home “Subject to moderation or other measures to ensure the validity and reliability of the assessment”.

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For the 2020-2021 academic year, the jury had tried to maintain its existing final assessment system but eventually had to cancel the exams for classes 10 and 12 and are currently calculating the final results of the students based on the exams conducted over early, practical reviews and internal evaluations.

In a circular addressed to principals of all schools affiliated with the CBSE, principal (academics) Joseph Emmanuel wrote that last year’s experience “required deliberations on other means of examining the goals of learning as well as the conduct of board exams for the 2021-22 sessions in case the situation remains unfeasible ”.

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