A web developer laments the ordeal in the den of the kidnappers and calls for an investigation

A 23-year-old electrical engineer and web developer, Franklyn Onoaghakpote, on Sunday delivered a chilling account of his near-death experience at the hands of suspected kidnappers in Benin, Edo State.

Onoaghakpote, in a petition addressed to Edo State Commissioner of Police, Philip Ogbadu, dated February 11, 2022 and titled “A case of conspiracy and kidnapping against a Michael and others”, said that he had lost a value of 20 million naira to the kidnappers.

Giving details of her experience, the victim told Beninese reporters on Sunday that she was beaten and taken to a popular hotel on Okhoro Street in Benin City, where she was brutalized for several hours.

He said: “On February 10, 2022, said Michael asked to see me about a website I developed for him two years ago. But when I got there, I waited for him only to appear with about 20 boys who abducted me at gunpoint.

“They blindfolded me, tied my hands and took me to an unfinished building where they started beating me and forcibly took valuables from me.

“Among the items were a Samsung S21 Ultra with IMEI number: 350299944273493/352817864273496; an iPhone 6 and my bank transfer PIN. They transferred the sum of N4,900,000 from my GT Bank account to a Polaris Bank account, stole $15,000 worth of Bitcoin, my gold necklace and a hand chain.

“They took me to a river, stripped me naked and started beating me again. After the beating, they blindfolded me, took me to a room where I was held for seven hours and called my parents for a ransom of 16 million naira. They told my parents they would kill me if they refused to pay.

“They called their father, who they claimed was a military man who ordered them to shoot me in the legs, but they ended up beating my legs with planks before I was released to go around 2.30am on the morning. February 11, 2022.”

State Police public relations officer Bello Kontongs confirmed the report.

He said he was waiting for a detailed briefing from the police anti-kidnapping department.

Kontongs, however, said three people have been arrested in connection with the case.

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