Aboitiz-owned DUs migrate to cloud computing – Manila Bulletin

Distribution Utilities (UD) owned by Aboitiz Power Corporation will migrate to cloud computing solutions for building their information technology (IT) infrastructure to further improve their services to customers.

The computing platform for their DUs will move from on-premises servers to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is an on-demand cloud computing business from tech giant Amazon and serves the needs of businesses, government institutions, and even the usage-based billing of IT solutions.

“This innovation has provided the company with increased system reliability and scalability, lower operating costs and better customer service,” said Aboitiz Power.

By mid-February this year, Aboitiz Power’s distribution utility cloud migration had already reached 91%; and the last two to make the switch had been his Balamban and Lima Enerzones in Cebu and Batangas.

The three main companies in the power distribution segment of its business are Visayan Electric Company, Davao Light and Power Company; and Cotabato Light & Power Company. In total, these companies serve more than 1.0 million customers on the electricity networks.

According to Lemuel Quilos, Vice-President of IT for Aboitiz Power, “there is now more need to ensure that AboitizPower is equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our customers”, and this must be supported by a increased focus of its activities on IT platforms or cloud computing solutions.

In particular, he indicated that “fully migrated and optimized systems will reduce the processing time of the most vital back-end processes, such as invoice extraction and payment recording, by up to 50%”, and by Therefore, “lead to fast customer service and the further streamlining of MobileAP”, which is the mobile application launched by Aboitiz Power in 2020.

Through this mobile application, Aboitiz Power customers can “check current and previous bills, view energy consumption charts, and manage multiple accounts.”

The Aboitiz company pointed out that “this digitization initiative has improved the performance of each distribution service in terms of batch processing, extraction and generation of operational and analytical reports, and resilience during unplanned system outages” .

Anton Mari G. Perdices, Chief Operating Officer of Aboitiz Power Distribution Group, stated that their company “views innovation as a key factor in the growth and success of our businesses”, adding that “we are constantly finding ways to maximize the latest digital technologies and trends to improve our operations and customer service.

Aboitiz Power also indicated that its business systems – including asset management, geographic information system (GIS) or mapping and other legacy systems will also move to the cloud platform – and this is planned. by April this year.



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