App developer sues Facebook for ad payments


Facebook Ireland is being sued for 2.5 million US dollars (2.1 million euros) by a developer and publisher of online games applications registered in Cyprus for alleged non-payment of advertisements placed in games.

ppQuantum Publishing Ltd claims that Facebook did not pay its bills for the months of February through April as part of a self-billing agreement in what is called an “Audience Network” service through which advertisements are placed on mobile applications through which publishers can earn revenue.

The case went to the High Court’s Fast Track Trade Division on Monday by Judge David Barniville on consent between the parties.

In its proceedings, AppQuantum said the deal with Facebook began in May last year and monthly sums were paid in accordance with the internet social media giant’s terms of service. AppQuantum then paid third-party developers for whom it was responsible for publishing and / or managing the games.

However, in February and March, Facebook did not pay the amounts owed, according to AppQuantum.

AppQuantum said on April 15, attorneys for Facebook Ireland and its US parent company, Facebook Inc, informed AppQuantum that it was suspended from the social media platform due to the activity of an independent company. Hong Kong-based Social Data Trading Ltd. This independent company was alleged to violate Facebook’s terms of service.

AppQuantum says it has presented proof to Facebook that it is not related to Social Data Trading. Efforts to lift the suspension are underway, but in the meantime no Facebook ads have been placed on the games, according to AppQuantum.

AppQuantum’s attorney, Conor Quigley, said in an affidavit seeking admission of the case to the commercial list that Facebook apparently intends to challenge jurisdiction in this case, which will delay its efforts to recover the case. ‘silver. AppQuantum wants the procedure and any jurisdictional issues to move forward as quickly as possible, he said.

The company says it now owes $ 2.5 million and is due to file a claim next week in the commercial court for summary judgment.

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