apple: Apple “warns” iOS developers in India, here’s why



The Reserve Bank of India is set to make sweeping changes to the way certain transactions are carried out by bank users in the country. The changes will take effect from October 1 and before that, Apple issued a warning to developers building apps for the Apple ecosystem.
In an article posted on the Apple developers website, the company wrote, “From October 2021, regulatory requirements in India will apply to the processing of recurring transactions. The Reserve Bank of India has issued a directive that will affect purchases in India made through credit cards and debit cards for auto-renewing subscriptions, ”Apple said.
In accordance with the RBI Directive, banks, financial institutions and gateways will need to obtain user approval by performing transaction notifications, electronic mandates, and additional authentication factors (AFA) before the transaction can be processed. carried out.
If developers offer auto-renewable subscriptions in their app, Apple wants them to do two things to help prevent or resolve declined transactions on the App Store.
Encourage users to pay with Apple ID
If you pay with your Apple ID balance, they will not be affected by these requirements at this time. Users can add funds to their Apple ID using most credit and debit cards, Net Banking, RuPay, and UPI. Apple wants developers to encourage users to pay for in-app subscriptions with Apple ID.
Give users a grace period for billing
Apple says on the developer‘s website, “Enable the billing grace period in App Store Connect so that subscribers with declined transactions or other payment issues have time to update their payment information while retaining access to the paid content of your application. If there is a grace period, there will be no disruption to the paid service days of the subscription, and app developer income will not be affected if the payment is successful during the grace period.


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