Bitcraft Developer Unwilling To Trade Fun Game For NFT Profits, Though “Bit” Is In The MMORPG’s Name

If you’re a gamer – or anyone who hangs out on the internet, at this point – you’re certainly aware of cryptocurrency and NFTs. This is especially true lately, as developer after developer toss around the idea of ​​jumping on the NFT bandwagon or actually get on with it, despite the opinions of their players.

Sometimes players even assume that a newer game will launch with some sort of crypto/NFT system based on things like the name of the game. One such case is Bitcraft, the community sandbox game from Clockwork Labs. (The entire sandbox probably gave the idea credence, too.) But, it turns out the developer isn’t interested in joining other companies in their NFT frenzy. In fact, one of the game’s co-founders wrote quite a lengthy article on NFTs and crypto, taking the time to not only explain what they are – because there’s still a lot of confusion about it – but also what they really feed on and why it’s not great for games.

We’ve had a lot of “simplified” explanations of how crypto works and what it really is, but this article spells it out in a way that should make sense to everyone. For one, it dispenses with sarcasm and gets back to basics – those basics being that crypto and NFTs are a very specific type of spreadsheet with very defined rules. People who own crypto or NFTs really only own one row on this spreadsheet. There are a few differences between the two, but that’s really it. You own a row in a spreadsheet.

The other thing Clockwork wants people to understand is that these two things really work on the fear of missing out. Either you’re an individual who’s afraid of missing out on a chance to get rich, or you’re a game developer who’s afraid of missing out on that supposed audience that will – too – make you rich. The problem is that it manipulates people. The problem with that in the world of game development is that it changes games from something that should be fun to something that’s a bit stressful… less “game” and more speculation. Bitcraft developers watched other companies do this and spotted a pattern.

The developers announce that they are creating an NFT game. The players protest. Developers are ignoring players and doing it anyway. People who don’t really play games get in and do all the NFT stuff. The players are not actually playing the game. The developers decide that the game needs more NFTs to attract players and the game suffocates.

The good news for potential Bitcraft fans is that they see this and see the results go against their real goals. They want a game that will last a long time (and be fun) rather than what they get when you make a game that revolves around NFT speculation. So if you’ve been watching Bitcraft but are suspicious, you can relax a bit.

If you’re still worried, I suggest you read Clockwork’s full post on Medium. It is an interesting read.

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