Byne students bring historical figures to life

April 30 – ALBANY – There were all sorts of famous people in the Byne Christian School gymnasium on Thursday morning, from Shakespeare to Rembrandt to Albert Einstein and Chipper Jones.

These icons of history, represented by Byne students, were part of the school’s annual Faces of History program, one of three school-wide events each year where “Grammar Level” and “Logical and Rhetorical Level” Christian School students integrate historical data with biblical and literary skills to present one of the region’s most unique educational opportunities.

“Each of the students chooses a character from different historical periods worth discussing, and they research the significant events in that character’s life,” Byne’s principal Cory Wise said of the Faces of History program. “That way, students are able to integrate the things they’ve learned while portraying these characters.

“It’s fun, but it can turn into organized chaos.”

During Faces of History, upper class students (logical and rhetorical level students) first describe their characters, conveying information when individuals (parents, teachers, administrators, visitors) “push the button” next to their place in the gymnasium. Like a museum exhibit, the character “comes to life”, telling visitors interesting facts about themselves, historically and biblically significant facts.

Later in the morning, it is the turn of the youngest (grammar level) to bring their characters to life.

“It gives students the opportunity to present a bit of history and a bit of Bible history,” said K4-K5 teacher Tykisha Thompson.

“Events like this are springboards for students; they add a little more knowledge every year.

“It’s also something kids love to do.”

Other school-wide events that Byne students participate in each year are a science fair and a world day, where students collect information about different countries around the world.

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