Cash is king, but we’re not slaves

July 1, 2020

My father used to tell me that a good job is necessary for everyone, but it should depend on how happy you get from your job, not how much money you earn. Money is just a number that will come from one side and go from another. Of course, money is necessary for everyone’s survival in this world, but that’s not all… I think these words are so true.

Money is like sea water, the more you drink the thirstier you become. There will be no end to this. It is true that money has power and that it speaks, that is to say that money has influence in our society. Money plays such an important role in today’s society where most things happen only because of its influence. People are rated and judged by the amount of money in their pocket. A bundle of notes has the power to blind people and turn them into puppets. If one forgets the relationship, the other will forget the difference between good and evil. Sometimes the situation forces the person to choose a wrong path.

Really, money isn’t everything. There are many things that money can never buy such as happiness, trust, love, peace, good relationships and so on, which are more important for leading a good life. These make him feel life and enjoy it every moment. Without these things, money alone will make life meaningless. But now the situation is: if you have money, everyone will find reasons to be with you and if you don’t have money, everyone will find excuses to be away from you. ! There are people who judge love by the gifts given to them. Of course, there are people who can feel the love behind every little gift.

In our society, marriage is beautiful and an important occasion in life. It decides the future of two lives, as well as the unity of two families. However, here too money plays its tricks. While the groom’s family scrutinizes a bride’s property and wealth, on the other hand, the bride’s family is considered more on the groom’s status and salary. Is it enough for a wedding? Love, trust, understanding between groom and bride have no role? There may be many exceptional cases, but I remain puzzled by such questions. How can money become so powerful to destroy everything else?

Money is the real king, but now it has become the root of all evil. Many people are able to see reality but become blind to money. Even though people have a luxurious life, there are many who are not happy in their life because they face a lack of many other things that encourage a human to live a peaceful life.

In today’s world, the life of a human being is controlled by non-living things like money. Be aware that shrouds do not have pockets where you can keep money and use it after death. Join the exceptions. Make money as second priority and love, happiness, togetherness especially humanity should be your first. We may not make any changes but the unit works great. Let’s use the money right, never get too busy making money where you forget about your own life.

Money should always be your slave and let it follow you.

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