CBSE News: Delhi HC Demands CBSE to Declare Result for Petitioner on 50:50 Weighting; others disappointed with court order

The Delhi High Court has reprimanded the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for not informing class 12 students of the change in weighting formula for Term I and Term II, before the final result. Earlier on July 5, 2021, the CBSE declared that an equal weighting of 50-50% would be given to the Class 12 Term I and II theory exams in 2022. Later, however, the weighting formula was changed in 30 to 70%, one day before the proclamation of the results, July 21, 2022.

A plea was presented by a student, who sought to declare the result in accordance with the circular of July 2021, which imposes an equal weighting of the theoretical documents of terms I and II. The court ordered the council to declare the petitioner’s result in accordance with the circular of July 2021, providing for the special assessment regime, which imposed an equal weighting of the two dissertations, when calculating the result.

The High Court also added that there was nothing in the record to suggest that the order had been passed by the President or any other competent authority of the CBSE, relating to the new weight formula notification. Following the recommendation of the committee, the competent authority decided to prepare the final result for classes 12, 10 giving 30% weighting to term I and 70% to term II.

The high court added that the change to the new formula and its acceptance by the board was being kept secret from the public and students in general. It was announced just one day before the proclamation of the results, which clearly shows the arbitrariness and negligence of the board of directors to keep the students in the dark about the new weighting formula adopted for the preparation of the final result, said the judge.

The CBSE is therefore required to calculate and report the applicant’s result according to the 50:50 formula. The revised result will be prepared and uploaded, as soon as possible, preferably within two working days from the date of judgment, to the DigiLocker to ensure access for the claimant, the HC said.

However, the court also said that it would not interfere in the results of the broader student interest as in the 2021-22 academic session, around 14 lakh students appeared for the CBSE class board exams 12, the results of which have been prepared and reported. in accordance with the revised weighting formula.

Meanwhile, other students who also want their results prepared using a 50:50 weighting have been disappointed that Delhi HC has not ordered the CBSE to do the same for everyone and only one petitioner . The Odisha Abhibhabak Mahasangha (OAM), an association of parents in Odisha, has filed a PIL on behalf of the students, who are demanding the 50:50 weighting. The court later asked for details of the students who were affected.

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