Cornwall native ready to release innovative video game


CORNWALL, Ontario – Carl Pilon, a graduate of St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Cornwall, is set to launch his first “Abomi Nation” computer game on Thursday, July 29, which will be available for purchase on Steam. Pilon explained that the game can only be played on computers and is not available for cell phone play, with a purchase price of $ 19.99 USD.

Abomi Nation is a role-playing game that allows players to follow the adventures of monster-like creatures called Abomis as they explore the island. As characters evolve and gain skills, they experience battles, enjoy social events, and interact with other Abomi teams.

Pilon explained that he became interested in computer programming and game development while he was finishing his post-secondary education. About four years ago, he decided to work on creating a computer game with Abomi Nation, which will end earlier this year and is currently the subject of final market research ahead of its release in late July.

Asked about his favorite part of video game development, he mentioned that creating the animation for the characters and the island was very enjoyable, commenting that the sound design was very complicated.

For those who want to get a preview of the video game ahead of its release, a trailer is available at or visit the Steam website to see a demo of Abomi Nation.

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