Crisis hits IYC over impeachment plot against president – The Sun Nigeria

Of Femi Folaranmi, Yenagoa

Ijaw The Youth Council (IYC) has been plunged into crisis following an alleged attempt to initiate impeachment proceedings against the President, Timothy Igbifa, over matters bordering on non-execution.

Speaker of the Mobile Parliament, Bob Corlins led some MPs to launch the impeachment process.

However, the movement did not enjoy the support of other members who formed the Mobile Parliament Integrity Group (MPIG) and see the impeachment plot as capable of destabilizing the Igbifa-led 8th National Executive Council (NEC).

The group sounded the alarm about an impending breakdown of law and order in Yenagoa and other parts of the Niger Delta, should Corlins succeed in recruiting members of parliament to perfect his action.

The MPIG said if it was true that the The executive led by Igbifa had failed to live up to expectations, it was wrong to declare the executive a total failure, considering the commendable achievements it had registered.

He listed the ongoing free ICT skills program where more than 300 young people are expected to build their capacity in computer programming and coding as one of the achievements of the executive.

A source within the IYC, who requested anonymity, said the plot to impeach Igbifa had already failed because Corlins could not muster the necessary number of parliamentarians to launch the impeachment and he did not had not followed the correct procedures for calling a session of parliament either. .

“We call on Bob Corlins to stay in his West Zone and refrain from using the Central Zone as a base to incite parliamentarians against the 8th NEC and cause disaffection among his brothers and friends, while his West Zone is quiet. We are aware of Bob Corlins’ selfish agenda and his desperation to become interim president if he succeeds in his evil plan,” the source said.

The MPIG has warned that any attempt to destabilize peace and unity within the AIC will not be tolerated. He has threatened to collect the signatures of the majority of parliamentarians who are fed up with Corlins’ outdated leadership style and seek his removal as president.

The effort to get Igbifa’s reaction proved futile because he did not take his phones. However, a Corlins aide who sought anonymity said Igbifa and his supporters were only afraid of their shadows.

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