Developer Helps Community After Townhouses Suffer Massive Damage From Seminole Tornado

SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – A developer was quick to help his community after a tornado in Seminole caused major damage to several townhouses he had under construction.

“This is the first tornado that Seminole has actually seen that touched down and passed. All of the damage caused is devastating,” said Brandon Streater, owner and developer of the townhouses.

The tornado ripped through Seminole Wednesday night and pulverized townhouses in Streater, nearly destroying them.

Brandon Streater townhouses after being hit by a tornado. Photo by KFOR.

Construction will have to start from scratch once townhouse development resumes.

“We were about eight to nine months to finish and now we’re at our best in two years,” Streater said.

The damage in Seminole was extensive. The tornado

The tornado reduced large structures to piles of debris, toppled trees and destroyed power lines. In the midst of personal loss, Streater sprang into action to help others.

image of storm damage
Tornado damage in Seminole, Oklahoma 5.4.22 KFOR Photo.

He brought machinery to downtown Seminole, where the tornado inflicted massive damage, to help clear roads and get the area back to where it can “shake and bake like a city again.”

Streater told KFOR that he and a few crew members would help through the night and that his 10-man crew would help from Thursday morning.

Wednesday’s tornado was an unprecedented weather event in Seminole, and while the city was hit hard, it will come back stronger, Streater said.

“Our city is growing right now, it really is,” he said. “We have new housing, a brand new high school, and for that to hit it’s devastating, but we’re going to clean up and we’re going to build back bigger and better.”

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