Developer of a different and older Wordle game to donate profits to charity

wordle is the everyday, browser-only pun we can’t get enough of, so it’s no surprise that wordle imitators have pushed into the App Store. These imitators are not the first to use this name, however. Developer Steven Cravotta actually used “wordle” for the first time – five years ago. Now he’s using his app’s surprise popularity to help others.

Cravotta built his wordle when he was 18, as he wrote in a Twitter feed explain the coincidence. He stopped promoting and updating it months later after it surpassed 100,000 downloads because it hadn’t taken off. Over the next four years, the app averaged only one or two downloads per week – until last week.

“I logged into my dashboard and was SHOOK at what I saw,” he said.

Cravotta first assumed the bots were behind the spike, but then googled to find out more about the current wordle infatuation. Now Cravotta wordle got 200,000 downloads last week and it’s “not even slowing down yet,” he said.

The developer, whose current Puff Count app helps users quit vaping, contacted wordle founder Josh Wardle, the two have agreed to donate to Boost! West Oakland, a tutoring and mentoring program for children in nearby San Francisco.


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“I’m very happy to support such an amazing program that focuses on youth literacy,” Cravotta said on Twitter. “We think the money will have a real impact here!”

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