Developers offer houses, dock on Bartlett Pond in Northborough


By Laura Hayes, Senior community reporter

The houses would be at the edge of Bartlett Pond in Northborough.

NORTHBOROUGH – Developers hope to build single-family homes on an approximately four-acre peninsula on Bartlett Pond.

They are also offering a public dock in the pond, according to an informal presentation of their concept plans to the Northborough Planning Board on July 6.

The development would take place at 75 Ridge Rd., Which separates Lyman Street to pass behind the Juniper Hill Golf Course.

“I think it’s really great to come up with an idea on a troubled property in town. I’m glad you did. I’m open to figuring out how we can make something like that work, assuming it benefits the city and fits into our bylaws and all that, ”Planning Council President Kerri Martinek said after their presentation.

The developers have the site under contract. Developer Damon Amato called the site “unique property.”

The houses would be on a parcel on Ridge Road.
The houses would be on a parcel on Ridge Road.

“If you’ve driven it before you might have seen mostly woods, potentially the PT Cruiser which is crossed by a tree. It’s a pretty interesting site, ”Amato said.

According to Amato, there are eight buildings at the site as well as evidence that there was once a ninth building. Developer Ben Legare said they tried to locate the occupants, but it got “messed up.”

There is debris and garbage everywhere, Amato said.

The cost of cleaning up the site is similar to the price of buying another piece of land, Legare said.

Amato said his team had done similar projects, which required zoning changes, such as an overlay district. He said under current zoning by-laws they would only be allowed to build two single-family homes instead of the six proposed.

The houses would be on a parcel on Ridge Road.
The houses would be on a parcel on Ridge Road.

“The problem is that cleaning up, not counting the purchase of the property, would be too heavy a burden,” Amato said. “There’s no way to make this work.”

Council members asked several questions, including their estimated cleaning costs, whether one of the units could be affordable, the septic system and a possible zoning overlay district.

“I think what you have to do is prove, at least at my end, why it can’t be a subdivision, and that’s part of your process when you come up with an overlay district – you have to prove why. it can’t be a subdivision, ”said member Michelle Gillespie.

Board member Anthony Ziton said he liked the idea of ​​a public dock, but expressed concern about the volume of people coming in and out.

“This is only my opinion, but I would say remove the public wharf and expand the houses,” Ziton said.

Martinek said she liked the idea of ​​the public wharf. She noted that modifications or zoning changes should be made during the municipal assembly.

“If this is a path that we have to take, it is definitely something that we are prepared to handle if it is going to be the highest percentage of hits for that to happen,” Amato said.

Photos / Laura Hayes


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