Dundalk Institute organizes a computer science summer camp

Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) recently held a successful Summer IT Camp.

The camp was aimed at high school students, so anyone between the ages of 12 and 17 was welcome and no computer experience was necessary.

This camp was run by DkIT’s IT department and consisted of Niall Dowd, Retention and Recruitment Officer, and three current IT students, Gracie Chaudhary, Margaret Buckley and Ryan Habis.

The goal of this camp was to give students a taste of some of the IT topics they might want to study in the future.

The camp was free and the Institute also provided a free lunch for students.

The event took place over two weeks, Monday through Wednesday, and each week the camp hosted a different group of 35 students.

Topics covered during the camps included Scratch, web development, and programming.

DkIT’s IT and IT department is a dynamic innovation hub where creativity and technology come together.

“The IT industry is thriving and evolving and intersects with all aspects of our lives, work and society.

“Our Dynamic Computing courses enjoy an excellent reputation in the growing IT sector in Ireland and the Institute courses provide students with the hands-on experience and technological know-how needed to excel in this exciting industry,” said said a DkIT spokesperson.

DkIT courses provide students with in-demand skills in computer programming, database development, networking, website development, cybersecurity, game development, data science, systems modeling and more.

For more information on studying Computer Science in DkIT see www.dkit.ie


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