Elmwood Avenue’s Newest Project Is Music to Developer’s Ears | Business premises

Architect and developer C. Jake Schneider has completed his latest real estate development, transforming the former community music school on Elmwood Avenue into a mixed-use residential project that will accommodate approximately two dozen new tenants.

The project, which began in late 2020, amid the pandemic, includes both old and new builds. Schneider took the original building and nearly doubled it with a new three-story twin building on the school’s old parking lot.

Construction on the $5.5 million adaptive reuse project – Schneider’s first in the village of Elmwood – began in late 2020 and has just been completed.

“We certainly faced challenges due to the pandemic,” said Schneider, president of Schneider Development Services. “Much of the material we needed took longer than expected to arrive. Many of our contractors had labor issues to deal with. And the cost of everything has gone up.

Located at 415 Elmwood, Musical Suites features 22 apartments and 1,500 square feet of professional office space, in a 25,000 square foot complex south of Bryant Street.

Musical suites.1

A view inside Musical Suites at 415 Elmwood Ave.

Katie Schneider Photography

It’s 300 feet from the new five-story mixed-use building at 451 Elmwood and around the corner from the old Buffalo Women’s and Children’s Hospital campus, both of which are part of Nick’s Elmwood Crossing redevelopment. Sinatra and William Paladino.

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