Emerge launches EMPWR, an emerging management program focused on women


BUFFALO, NY – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Emergence capital management (“Emerge”) Officially launched EMPWR, an emerging management program. Emerge’s EMPWR program features a roster of elite emerging portfolio managers with a particular focus on women portfolio managers. It provides full back office support, platform support and dedicated high performance ESG monitoring.

The EMPWR program is intended to open doors for outstanding emerging managers. Through a rigorous due diligence process, Emerge has assembled a team of five sub-advisors and is looking to add more managers in the future. Each sub-advisor is an impact firm focused on active management and ESG. EMPWR will feature active management across all asset classes.

With the program’s unique focus on women portfolio managers, Emerge opens new doors for these underserved areas. Rules designed to support minorities make it difficult for women portfolio managers to own shares in smaller companies and naturally grow the business. EMPWR will help utilize these talented portfolio managers and give their strategies the opportunity to be successful.

“What’s important is that we focus on the top performing managers who would earn their seats at the table not only because they are wonderful and talented women, but because they are strong, credible portfolio managers. Said Lisa Langley, President and CEO of Emerge. “They also managed money before they even had the courage to start their own business or join other businesses. Our goal is to help emerging managers in the United States and Canada. We will be looking for both talent and opportunity on both sides of the border. ”

EMPWR is offered to RIAs / Family Offices, institutions, pension schemes, foundations and non-profit organizations. To learn more about the EMPWR program, please visit our website: Emergcm.com/services/emwr or call 1-877-8EMERGE or EMPWR@emergecm.com

About Emerge Capital Management

Emerge was launched in 2016 as an investment management firm focused on supporting emerging investment managers and providing these investment solutions to professional advisors and institutions. With a vision to be recognized for empowering high-caliber emerging investment managers, Emerge provides both advice and distribution while creating storage space for this segment of the industry on a global scale. Emerge serves as a resource and aims to champion emerging managers at all levels.

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