Fallen London Mod Lands developer job at Bethesda

The Fallout London Mod team has announced that two of its team members, Senior Technical Advisor Ryan Johnson and Project Manager Dean Carter, have been offered jobs at Bethesda.

If you don’t know, Fallout London is an expansive mod for Fallout 4 slated for release in 2023. Set in the titular city, it’s an ambitious fan project that tries to deliver an experience on par with the downloadable content that Bethesda may release for the game. The team took to Discord and Twitter to make a general announcement, primarily focused on these job postings.

Johnson took the job he was offered: associate level designer at Bethesda. The announcement claimed that the new position would have negligible impact on the project. The announcement reads: “Fortunately for us, we have known about this move for some time and therefore Ropiequet [Johnson’s discord handle] helped collate his knowledge into invaluable design documentation so the rest of the team could seamlessly work for him. concludes by wishing Johnson good luck, saying “he will be missed”, but also expressing his excitement for the work he will do with Bethesda.

Carter was offered a job at Bethesda UK to work on Fallout 76, but turned down the job to complete Fallout London. The announcement states that it “is not easy to turn down his life’s dream of returning to work on a project for free…his selflessness and dedication to the team is something that we ALL should appreciate!”

Bethesda games are well known for their modding scenes. Every Fallout game that Bethesda has created or been involved with has enjoyed robust modding support and a thriving community. Fallout London isn’t just one such mod – a narrative, DLC-esque addition – but it’s uniquely ambitious and impressive.


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