Farmers have not yet received any money from PM-KISAN in 13 regions; disbursements decrease from the 1st to the 2nd installment

Farmers in many Indian states have failed to receive the third tranche of subsidies under Narendra Modi’s PM-KISAN scheme, leaving the central government worried about increased rural cash flow and demand. The central government plans to stimulate rural demand by accelerating the flow to eligible farmers, but 13 of the 34 states and union territories, with beneficiaries identified under the PM-KISAN program, have not received their third grant tranche. Worried about the backlog of grants in states such as Uttar Pradesh, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharman has ordered officials to find out the cause, The Indian Express reported.

“We have asked the Secretary of Agriculture to review this, provide us with status in slow states and expedite payments,” the newspaper reported citing an unidentified official. India is reeling from an economic slowdown and weak growth emanating from rural India is one of the major contributors. Therefore, the flow of funds to farmers becomes imperative to stimulate rural demand, the official was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

While the duration of the third disbursement is from August 1 to November 30, some states and territories are also behind the stipulated disbursement date for the second installment. Also, in almost every state, the number of recipients who received their payouts decreased from the first to the second, according to data from the PM-Kisan website. For example, while more than 36 lakh farmers were the intended beneficiaries of the scheme in Madhya Pradesh, 32 lakh were credited with the amount of the first installment while just over 9,000 only got the second installment. Moreover, out of a total of 7.1 crores targeted farmers, while 6.4 crores received the first installment, only 3.8 crores received the second installment. So far, only 94 lakh farmers have received the third installment.

Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Telangana are the top three states of the third installment, and nearly 16.35 lakh, 13.99 lakh and 11.03 lakh farmers, respectively, have been credited. Under the PM-Kisan scheme, farmers are to be paid Rs 2,000 in three installments, over the course of a year.

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