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AUSTIN, Texas – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Fluid, the leading independent technology company powering digital real estate transactions, today announced the pilot launch of its purchasing product through the company’s Flueid Decision platform. Designed to eliminate any title challenge in the home buying process, Flueid’s buying decision speeds up the production process to achieve greater accuracy in results and reduce the risk of generating revenue. title commitment. This is the first step towards Flueid’s vision of a truly immediate and centralized buying workflow, which can help deliver a home buying experience that is more in line with consumer demand. today.

“Since the 1990s, our team has focused on bringing the real estate transaction online with the goal of integrating the entire ecosystem,” said Peter Bowman, Co-Founder and CEO of Flueid. “We understand the connection and influence that stock can have on transaction times and have created our Flueid platform to put data into context and generate actionable insights that can help clients make confident decisions. on loan approval, title order, rate foreclosure, or planning for a close. ”

Through the pilot launch, the purchase decision digitally enhances traditional search and review exams to verify consumer data found in the near real-time information report. In doing so, it should eliminate much of the manual research and review exams traditionally required to draft the commitment and clear a buy transaction for closing. The result: a trusted digital decision rooted in traditional processes that reduces risk and streamlines the overall real estate experience for everyone.

The company launched its Flueid Decision platform in 2020 to fuel decision making and facilitate the fluidity of real estate transactions from start to finish. Thanks to his patented and architecture agnostic, Flueid adds the buying decision to the platform alongside its existing refinancing capabilities, which have been in the market for 18 months with some of the best domestic underwriters, lenders, digital service providers and more.

“Solving to buy has always been the next evolution for our business. Using traditional and non-traditional data sources and logic, we have proven the Flueid Decision model with refinancing, centralizing and automating securities authorization decisions in less than a minute. We can now apply the purchasing model to deliver the data and information necessary to remove almost any stock-related hurdles or slowdowns for closing while providing our partners with greater control and cost savings in their business, ” added Peter Richter, co-founder and president of Flueid.

The continued evolution of Flueid Decision supports the company’s vision to deliver a connected and on-demand real estate experience, regardless of the type of transaction or the client’s position in the transaction lifecycle.

Flueid is currently testing its purchasing decision with Flueid Built customers as it continues to improve and evolve product capabilities. More information regarding a full go-to-market will be available in the coming months.

To learn more about Flueid, its products, services or management team, please visit: https://www.flueid.com/.

About Flueid

Flueid’s mission is to make the rigid real estate process smoother – fueling transactions using data and information to make them run smoother from start to finish. The company’s goal is not to eliminate critical functions or best practices from the process, but to rethink them and make them smarter, digitally. Using its patented technology, the company has created a universal digital solution for each market segment along the real estate journey, which has been adopted by leading mortgage, service, settlement services, FinTech and PropTech partners, among others. Flueid powers every part of the real estate transaction to provide immediate certainty for our clients and dramatically reduce closing time for consumers. For more information, please visit https://www.flueid.com/.


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