Fourth direct update of the dunning check: COLA 2022 benefits, health insurance, child tax credit …



Some medical students in Atlanta will receive a stimulus check for $ 6,300.

– The consumer price index jumped 0.8% in November

Inflation outrun social Security2022 Increase in COLA.

– More legislators pledge to support Health insurance for all.

New parents might see another stimulus check reflected in their tax refund in 2022.

Social Security beneficiaries should soon receive details of their COLA 2022 increase in the mail.

– Some states offer much larger payments to those receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits.

– Democratic Senator Manchin calls Child tax credit an extension ” work in progress. “

Unemployment rate drops to 4.2% after adding 210,000 new jobs in November.

– President Biden seeks to find support recalcitrant democrats for the passage of the Build Back Better invoice.

– As prices increase, calls for a fourth stimulus check before the increase in vacations.

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Child tax credit

– Biden faces battle for extension of child tax credit

– IRS to send the final Payment of the child tax credit from 2021 the December 15.

Stimulation controls

– What is the deadline to claim dunning check increased payments in 2021?

Senior League urges Congress to grant an additional stimulus check to Social Security beneficiaries.

– Some states in the United States may distribute a fourth stimulus check to their inhabitants.

Social Security

– How much Social security paymentsare yet to be released in 2021?

Social Security local offices remain closed.

– What is the maximum Social Security benefit for 2022?

5.9 percent of COLA increase – how much is the increase in benefits?


The truth on the natural unemployment rate in the United States.

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