Free Online Courses in Data Science by Harvard, MIT, Others

Nigerians interested in getting an education in data science have the opportunity to do so through these US Ivy League universities; and the best thing is that it is online and free.

According to reports, data science is one of the most in-demand and fastest growing fields in the United States. For example, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that between 2021 and 2031, the demand for data scientists will increase by 21% because the skill is the most in-demand technology skill and most companies spend on the data scientist. data that can help grow the business more dynamically.

The median salary for data scientists is $131,490 with the top 10% of data scientists earning more than $208,000.

Although most data science roles require or value a master’s degree, many leading universities, including some Ivy League universities, offer training for aspiring data scientists before committing to a master’s degree. data science.

Here is a list that compiles the 7 best data science courses.

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Harvard University: Data Science: Linear Regression

Understanding the relationships between two variables is often necessary in data science applications, and linear regression is commonly used to quantify this relationship. This course will teach participants how linear regression was developed and how to examine variable relationships.

This introductory course is self-paced and lasts eight weeks, with a weekly commitment of one to two hours. Participants can also enroll in the course as part of a Data Science Professional Certificate Program, which costs $790.80. Rafael Irizarry, professor of biostatistics at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, teaches all nine courses in the professional certificate program.

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University of Michigan: Data Science Ethics

The University of Michigan’s free online data science ethics course emphasizes privacy and informed consent. HV Jagadish, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Michigan, is the instructor for this course, which lasts four weeks and involves three to four hours of weekly commitment. Participants can pay $49 for certification after course completion.

University of California, Irvine: Introduction to Analytical Thinking, Data Science, and Data Mining

Students will learn about the various business problems that can be solved using data science as well as the ethical issues that must be considered when working with data in this highly rated course by Fortune. Over the course of four weeks, this course can be completed in approximately seven hours. Julie Pai, Deputy Director of Technology Programs at UC Irvine, and Dursun Delen, Data Science Instructor, are the course instructors.

Johns Hopkins University: Data Science in Real Life

Data Science in Real Life is a free online course offered by the university where participants learn what perfect data science experiments look like, as well as the challenges that data scientists face. The course includes quality data management and A/B testing. The course can be completed in one week and lasts 7 hours. Brian Caffo, Roger D. Peng and Jeff Leek of Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health are the facilitators.

Columbia University: Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics

Machine learning allows systems to learn and adapt without instruction. In this course, participants gain knowledge on how to manipulate data, find patterns in data, and use algorithms to find and sort data.

With seven to ten hours of commitment per week, this self-paced course can be completed in approximately five weeks. The facilitators are Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi, Cliff Stein and David Blei, all professors at Columbia University. The course is free but unlimited access to the course is $99.

MIT: Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers this course through its MIT’s Open Courseware Platformwhich was originally taught and recorded in the fall of 2016. Students can access the lectures, syllabus, course slides and files, assignments, and software for free.

However, before starting the course, students usually need to complete an introductory course in Python computing and programming. The Introductory Computational Thinking and Data Science course will then teach students how data and computing can be used to solve problems and prepare them to complete programming projects.

Duke University: Data Science Math Skills

Math skills are required for prospective data science students. This free online course covers topics such as set theory, number lines, algebra, summation and distance formulas, and other data science-related math. This course is also useful in preparing for mastering data analysis in Excel, which is another free online course offered in Duke. It is taught by Daniel Egger, Executive-in-Residence of Engineering Management and Paul Bendich, Assistant Research Professor of Mathematics at Duke University. The course lasts four weeks and lasts 13 hours in total, after which you will get a certificate of completion.

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