Greenville developer Ron Rallis paints church pink to protest U.S. Representative William Timmons

GREENVILLE — The transformation happened almost overnight, with a former church in a historically black community painted pink by a prominent Greenville real estate developer.

He drew a crowd, both in person and through viral social media posts.

Throughout July 22 – four days into two terms, US Representative William Timmons took to conservative radio to discuss local promoter Ron Rallis’ repeated allegations of an affair and abuse of power – People came jaw-droppingly past the former home of Bibleway Full Gospel Missionary Baptist Church.

It was turned the night before into an ode to Midtown Atlanta’s pink “trap house” that rapper 2 Chainz painted to promote his 2017 record, “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.” This house, which became a museum and attracted tourists, was eventually provided to the community for uses such as free HIV testing clinics.

The now pink church on Woodside Avenue, just outside the city limits of Greenville, a stone’s throw from Legacy Early College and on the outskirts of the village of West Greenville where gentrification pressures have intensified, features the word “TRAP” in the same logo form as the Atlanta House. In front is a police car covered in pink paint, and on the church steps is an oven, also painted pink.

Last April, Rallis purchased the church and accompanying land for $425,000.

Pink trap house church people gather

People flocked July 22, 2022 to the former home of the Bibleway Full Gospel Missionary Baptist Church in the City View community, which the previous day had been painted pink by a prominent Greenville real estate developer protesting U.S. Representative William Timmons. Eric Connor/Staff

In recent weeks, Rallis has used an Instagram account originally dedicated to his plans to repurpose the church into an event space to wage war on Timmons, who Rallis says had an affair with his wife and abused her. his power as a wealthy congressman to wrongfully have Rallis. stopped.

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On July 19, on several conservative radio shows, Timmons addressed charges of infidelity, abuse of power, misuse of congressional funds, and “sex parties.”

Timmons deflected questions about the infidelity, only going so far as to say responding to such a claim is a violation of her privacy. For the rest of the allegations, he categorically denied them.

Timmons said the radio tour would be the last he would speak on the issue.

But that didn’t stop Rallis, who posted a video to Instagram on July 21 of him and workers painting the church pink with the word “TRAP” in black above the entrance.

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In his posts, Rallis mocked Timmons’ statement about asking for prayers and confidentiality related to the allegations in the case.

The painting came on what Rallis said was the anniversary of the day Greenville police arrested him for kidnapping during a meeting with his wife. Rallis said the charge was later dropped entirely. The Greenville County Public Courts Index shows no charges related to registered claims, which would be the case with an expungement.

The developer proclaimed the painting was an effort to draw attention to what he said was his cause to gain full custody of his young daughter and draw attention to his allegations against Timmons, who avoided a second round in last month’s Republican primary and said he intended to stay in the running for the November general election.

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