Halo Community Reacts To Developer Claiming 343 Industries Bias When Hiring

The Halo series hasn’t been up to snuff lately, with Infinite not doing as well as expected. Much of the annoyance among fans has been over how 343 Industries has executed the project so far.

Several members have complained that the development done by current developers is weaker than the games offered by Bungie.

A new set of news has emerged from a developer who said that after the split, 343 Industries tends to maybe not acquire anyone from Bungie. It was also revealed that after Halo Combat Evolved, Bungie no longer wanted to continue with the franchise.

Halo is one of the most decorated game series, with several titles under its wings. Bungie gave birth to the series, which is also known for games like Destiny 2.

Since then, there has been a change of direction, with Microsoft handing over the task to 343 Industries. Although the work done by the current developers has been decent, a lot more could have been done according to the community.

Former Bungie Developer Reveals 343 Industries Was Hesitant To Hire Them For Halo Projects

The new set of news comes following a Twitter interaction posted to the Halo subreddit. The screenshot showed someone asking what happened to developer Paul Russel when he tried to apply to 343 Industries. Russel replied that he found 343 Industries to be a little reluctant to hire someone from Bungie.

He also added that his presentation wasn’t the best and that 343 Industries might have wanted to go with fresh minds. This happened after Bungie decided not to continue making new Halo games after Combat Evolved. This news led several members of the community to voice their opinions.

Based on Russel’s response, one fan said it seems like no one wants to make a Halo game anymore.

Another fan commented that Bungie not wanting to make any more games in the series might not be true. Some staff may not want to continue, but there was a clear desire, as evidenced by the games that were made later.

Some have disavowed the claim of no relevance given the quality of Combat Evolved and later games.

A fan was confused as he didn’t understand the need for 343 Industries to make so many changes.

Although the person understands that 343 Industries didn’t want to look like copycats, they might have done more than was warranted.

For some, the decisions made by the leaders of 343 Industries were simply stupid, and they will never understand why such actions were taken.

Another Halo fan thinks it’s pretty terrible that 343 Industries tried to reinvent the series on its own terms. Yet people still talk about the legacy Bungie left behind with their work.

A fan recalled how there was a time when 343 Industries were hailed as saviors after Bungie dropped the series.

One fan finds it quite odd that despite bold attempts to change the traditional way, 343 Industries backtrack on their decision when something goes wrong.

Instead, they might strive to make their own beliefs work rather than give up on them.

343 Industries attempted to leave their mark on the Halo series, with Infinite being their final try. However, he failed to recreate the impact Bungie had generated with his work.

However, they still have a chance to make a comeback and make Infinite the game that helps developers build reputations. But the task will not be easy, especially after the original ideas have not blossomed.

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