Halo Infinite fans furious at 343 Industries’ efforts to curb cheating

In their latest blog, Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries outlined their plans to tackle cheaters in the game. There were plenty of details about the actions taken by the developer. However, there didn’t appear to be any plans for a kernel-level anti-cheat for the game, and that pissed off fans.

Anti-cheat measures are essential for any game with active multiplayer to ensure fair gameplay. However, the demand for a good anti-cheat solution in Halo Infinite is more due to its greater accessibility due to the fact that it is a free game.

The same goes for Call of Duty Warzone. Activision continues to regularly update Ricochet to catch and ban users, and fans apparently expected the same with the latest Halo title.

Lack of kernel-level anti-cheat irritated Halo Infinite fans

One user felt that without a proper anti-cheat solution, the game would shut down despite the planned addition of new content in Season 2. The same person also said that Microsoft should follow Activision’s lead and take the bold decision to introduce something along the season. Ricochet lines.

Another player wondered why 343 Industries never opted for Easy Anti-Cheat again. EAC has a reputation as an efficient software that could have reduced the workload of developers.

@AntiCheatPD @Activision @Microsoft @Halo I never understood why they didn’t go back with EAC like they did with MCC. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s better than what they have now. User mode without a proper report pipeline, of course, the game will have cheats.

One player hinted that the developer simply took the easy route by removing the red crosshair instead of working on implementing better anti-cheat software.

@Halo So the red crosshair was removed to make it harder to develop cheats, but one of the reasons for not using core-level anti-cheat is that the cheats would be more complex (i.e. more difficult to develop)? are you doing https://t.co/sKy0ZusMVP

A fan felt that the blog was unnecessary and that the developer needed to add something substantial.

@Halo Yet another empty item that contains almost nothing of real value. Basically, you describe what anti-cheat software is and end with “we hope to make improvements to it one day!” Fantastic

The player’s sentiment above was echoed by another who felt he really didn’t find anything worthwhile in the last blog post.

@maybeimnick @Halo sadly yes, unless i missed something, me halo fan looking for new content and anything on the future i got nothing from this

One fan found removing red crosshairs to combat cheaters to be ineffective. On the contrary, he added, it reduced PC gamer satisfaction.

@Halo I’m sorry, but removing the red crosshair on PC is still clearly ineffective and not worth screwing over the entire PC player base. You told yourself this was meant to be a first-class experience for PC, and that decision (along with others) sets the game back.

The removal of the red reticle certainly didn’t go down well with some fans who see it as an omission of a quality of life feature.

@Halo I would still like to know why Campaign on PC does not have a red crosshair. This is a PvE mode where cheating/bots are not an issue at all and would not affect multiplayer. Please stop getting rid of basic QOL functionality because your internal systems are not working.

Whatever 343 Industries plans for the removal of the red crosshairs are quite different from what fans are interpreting.

@Halo What a complete joke of justification for removing the red reticle. Bring it back!

Finally, some simply voiced a popular complaint asking for new content to be featured so players would be enticed to play Halo Infinite.

@Halo Describe content so I have a reason to play your game again

Reactions to today’s blog post revealed some displeasure among Halo Infinite fans, with many feeling that 343 Industries needs to create a proper anti-cheat that doesn’t sacrifice quality of life features.

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