Here’s why I’ll be looking for a Razer Blade on Cyber ​​Monday


OPINION: If, like me, you are one of the multitude of people who have yet to find their perfect Black Friday deal, you are probably feeling a lingering sense of fomo.

Over the past few years, I’ve always been proud to find at least one jaw-dropping Black Friday deal. Last year it was a Smeg Blender, the year before a heavily reduced Samsung SSD.

But this year I came empty. Despite the great discounts, I didn’t pull the trigger on any of the deals I saw, although I really need a new laptop

Fortunately, we still have Cyber ​​Monday ahead of us, and hopefully we’ll see more Razer Blade laptop deals pop up.

Why do I want a Razer laptop? First of all, because the Blade series is awesome. Check out our review of the latest Razer Blade 14, which also won the Best Gaming Laptop category at our 2021 awards. The devices still have wonderfully high-end metallic designs filled with powerful components.

The only downside is that they offer very premium prices, almost at Apple’s level, and are very rarely discounted. But this Cyber ​​Monday, I think that might change, as all signs suggest it’s a perfect time for Razer to downsize some of its older Blade Stealth and Blade Pro laptops.

Razer Blade 15 2020

But with the expected arrival of Intel Alder Lake laptop processors in 2022, the company is certain to have new versions of its Blade series in the works. This means that the older, but still great, variants currently available are coming to the end of their lifecycle.

As a result, Razer and retailers will be eager to move any remaining stock. This combination of factors leaves me certain that we will at least see a stellar discount on a Razer Blade this Cyber ​​Monday.

The only question is which? Personally, I’m hoping for a Blade 15. I reviewed the laptop earlier this year and gave it a recommended rating of 4/5. Highlights included excellent speakers, powerful RTX 30 series gaming performance, and a wonderfully durable metal design. My only minus was the high price.

But for others, a discount on the smaller and lighter Blade Stealth will also be welcome. This is Razer’s ultra-portable lineup, making it a great choice for casual gamers who want a regular-looking, user-friendly laptop.

For prosumers, the Blade Pro 17 will also be a compelling option, offering a larger and better calibrated screen for creative work.

Whichever Razer you prefer, I wish you good luck getting yourself a gaming laptop during the Cyber ​​Monday deals.

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