Hopeing Club Develops Decentralized Trading Platform and Launches Developer Incentive Plan

London, UK, July 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hoping Club has announced the development of a decentralized trading platform and launched a development program. Developers can focus on liquidity to build applications on the platform. The app can independently construct the functions and attributes of NFT, and can directly interact with data on an external app in the future. It is reported that the first batch of development plans have been opened for application, with the aim of providing the real value of NFT through the centralized liquidity provided by users through the development platform and efficient capital allocation, and to bring more transaction liquidity to NFT. There will also be developer grants this time around to help more developers stimulate innovative thinking on relatively good terms.

Hoping Club has continued to promote its business in the Asia-Pacific region over the past two years. Its investment projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and elsewhere have developed rapidly and its influence has continuously improved. According to the latest announcement posted by the official website of Hoping Club, Hoping Club has officially started recruiting and recruiting members in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hoping Club was established on Wall Street in 2012 and is one of the fastest growing asset management institutions in the world. It has always been known for its globalization, its diversified investment ideas and its precise bets in the fields of alternative investment. Hopeing Club has a unique membership mechanism. Members include top talent from all walks of life, such as entrepreneurs and team leaders in the fields of sports, finance, technology, IT, blockchain, digital quantification and data mining. other areas. Guild has an independent data analysis center to produce green investment and wealth management plans for its members. Hoping Club works closely with governments and investment institutions around the world to make diversified investments and build a balanced asset allocation. At present, its activity is in traditional venture capital areas such as real estate, energy, finance, IT, heavy metals, etc., and it also has a disposition in emerging areas. such as new energies, digital crypto and blockchain.

In order to realize the value of distributed business applications, Hoping Club is committed to developing developer ecology. The developer’s green plan will provide mature development tools and perfect development documents, and organize education and training activities to provide financial support for developers.

On the one hand, the developer has implemented a perfect reward and punishment mechanism to boost participants’ enthusiasm, so that the project never runs out of participants. On the other hand, the developer plan effectively unifies the goals of the development team and the team participating in the promotion. As long as there are people involved, it can ensure the continued development of the project. Therefore, the developer’s plan is an effective scheme to maintain the normal development and functioning of the ecosystem.

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