ICS Undergraduates Win International Hackathon



“EcoCamino” landing page

Five undergraduate students from the University of Hawaii at Manoa Department of Information and Computer Science (SCI) won an international hackathon competition, showcasing their elite skills in programming and computer development. The team took home $ 5,000 in cash and services for the victory. Another EUH Mānoa’s team took third place, taking home $ 1,200 in cash and services.

The Meteor hackathon From October 15 to 20, teams challenged to create an impactful app for a cause, business model, nonprofit, or more. The hackathon was hosted by Meteor Software, a startup that created Meteor, a free and open source JavaScript web framework.

EUH Manoa teams

Anna campainha, Daphne Estacio, Jerome Gallego, Michael gainey and Timothy Huo won first place for ‘EcoCamino’, an app designed to support the organization of sustainability-related events such as cleanups and workshops that raise environmental awareness.

“Behind every great app there is a lot of hard work and communication to meet deadlines and create something special,” said Campainha, a SCI Senior. “The hackathon taught me the areas in which I thrive versus the areas that I need to improve. These are not situations that you encounter on a daily basis until you are competing to develop a project and have a team who are counting on you to do your part.

Estacio, also a SCI senior, added, “For me, the best thing about participating in a hackathon was the self-exploration that I experienced. Not only has it tested the knowledge and skills I already have, but it has also shown me that I am capable of a lot more than I thought. “

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“CoKoa” landing page

Yong kim, Yeji Han, Kai hwang and Cheolhoon Choi won third place for ‘CoKoa’, an app to support the organization of secure face-to-face meetings during the pandemic.

All the students took part in the hackathon as part of a SCI course on specific subjects taught by the teacher Philippe johnson. “Hackathons provide a rapid development experience in which team communication, creativity, adaptability and hard work are the keys to success. These same qualities are highly valued in Hawaiihigh tech industry. I think all of the students who attended learned important lessons that are hard to get in a traditional classroom, ”he said.

This program is an example of EUH Mānoa’s objectives of Improve student success (PDF) and Research Excellence: Advancing the Business of Research and Creative Work (PDF), two of the four objectives identified in the Strategic plan 2015–25 (PDF), updated in December 2020.


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