If Authorities End Syringe Exchange in Atlantic City, Program Supporters Say, “People Will Die” | Local News


During her drug use, DiGioia-Laird often developed infections from using old, blunt needles.

“Now I wouldn’t use other people’s needles, but I would reuse the same needles,” said DiGioia-Laird. “I always developed infections, abscesses, even had a staph infection in the spine from using a pre-used needle.”

DiGioia-Laird, who now works with drug addicts in the state prison system and runs a non-profit organization to help homeless drug addicts, said he was completely shocked when he heard about the possible fate of the resort’s needle exchange program.

“What are they thinking about? says DiGioia-Laird. “I really don’t understand the whole thinking process going on here. It’s not going to save money, it’s not going to get people out of Atlantic City, they’re not trying to get out the drugs, but they want to get rid of the needle exchange program? I just don’t understand the logic behind this.

Long-term debate

Talks about moving the Oasis Visitor Center to Tennessee Avenue, which is in the resort’s tourist district, have been on the table for years.

“An unprecedented HIV epidemic is upon us, anxiously awaiting city council to pass its stupid motion to shut us down (the needle exchange),” Mike Nees of the AIDS Alliance said in a statement. rally to save the program on July 6.

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