iOS 15.5 arrives ahead of Apple’s annual developer conference

Apple has released iOS 15.5, the latest version of its iPhone operating system. It lacks user-facing improvements, but could help appease regulators concerned about Apple’s dominating control over in-app purchases.

New iOS 15.5 features include a pair of buttons added to the Wallet app, which allows Apple Cash card users to quickly request or send money, and a new setting in the Apple Podcasts app that allows you to limit the number of episodes stored. in your phone. According to Apple’s release notes, the update also includes various bug fixes, including one that should improve the reliability of home automation triggered by people entering and leaving.

The full release notes read:

iOS 15.5 includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

Wallet now lets Apple Cash customers send and request money with their Apple Cash card

Apple Podcasts includes a new setting to limit episodes stored on your iPhone and automatically delete older ones

Fixes an issue where home automation fails triggered by people entering or leaving

Some features may not be available in all regions or on all Apple devices. For more information about the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

Along with its latest iOS update, Apple also released an update for macOS. Monterey 12.4 is notable for being the version of macOS that includes a fix for poor webcam quality in Apple’s Studio Display monitor. In our testing with the beta update, we found that webcam performance is still far from perfect, but the update has reduced the amount of visible noise in the image, improved contrast, and improved color accuracy. We’ll naturally be testing the webcam again now that its software is finalized to see if anything has changed.

Although iOS 15.5 lacks user-facing changes, 9to5Mac previously reported that it contains references to “external purchases”, suggesting that the update lays the groundwork for certain apps to be able to connect to external purchase systems, in line with changes announced by Apple last month. Apple typically requires developers to use its own in-app payment system for in-app digital purchases (often earning it a 30% commission), but this policy is coming under increasing scrutiny from Apple. regulators around the world. In some countries, such as South Korea and the Netherlands, Apple has been ordered to allow various developers to connect to external payment systems.

The release of iOS 15.5 comes less than a month before Apple is expected to announce its next iOS 16 update at its annual developer conference. Instructions on how to update your iPhone can be found on Apple’s site.

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