Iowa State is 9-0, just hit Iowa and doesn’t stop there – The Athletic

AMES, Iowa – What happens in the days, weeks, and months ahead is likely important to the state of Iowa, but is it really? Isn’t that enough to erase nightmarish memories, low expectations, most accepted basketball logic, and a hated rival in just a month? On Thursday, a men’s basketball program that won two games last season beat Iowa by more points than ever before. Being inside the Hilton Coliseum was considerably dangerous, the equivalent of pressing your eardrums against an idling helicopter engine for two hours. The head coach choked on him afterwards, calling himself the luckiest guy around. What more ?

I guess we’re about to find out. The Cyclones really, really do that. No gadgets, no luck, no ambush teams that don’t see them coming, at least not anymore. The local antagonist who made the trip down a few highways to play this particular game surely knew what he was getting into. He lost 73-53 anyway. Iowa State, reduced to a barrel and braces earlier this calendar year, is 9-0 against a schedule with a bit of fiber. The exhumed Iowa State is in the top 20 for college basketball and climbing teams. This is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds, assuming you weren’t in the building for that Cy-Hawk hostility series and you can still hear things.

No ambivalent season with its foot in the door here. Because there is no door. Because apparently someone kicked him off his hinges. “Nothing surprises me with this group,” said first year coach TJ Otzelberger. “Every day on this training ground, they bring it. There hasn’t been a day that they haven’t.

We’ll see how many more non-surprises can be gathered. The test is still to come, on important points. But right now – and, seriously, take a photo or something like that – what we’re seeing is absolutely something else.

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