IRS seeks to bolster security of federal tax information through computer reviews

Written by Dave Nyczepir

The IRS Office of Safeguards is seeking a contractor to support computer security reviews by ensuring that outside agencies safeguard federal tax information provided to them, according to a notice requested by sources published Tuesday.

The next mission order, expected in the first quarter of fiscal 2023, will cover outreach to preparatory agencies, pre-review analysis of areas of concern, automated and manual IT security scans, communication of findings and conclusions and response to agency submissions.

Safeguards verifies that more than 300 federal, state and local agencies and contractors comply with the Internal Revenue Code – when it comes to protecting privacy and preventing unauthorized access to federal tax information (FTI ) – identifying and mitigating the risk of loss, breach or misuse.

“The Office of Safeguards needs to increase FTI security and ensure consistent application of information security standards across all partner agency information systems by obtaining security review expertise. computer security and support from ancillary contractors for the backups program,” the notice read. “Safeguards seeks contractor support to optimize its processes, reduce costs and minimize risk to FTI in possession of agency partners, while continuing to meet all regulatory and agency-documented standards and guidelines.”

The chosen vendor will also be responsible for risk-based modeling to select agencies to review; methodological updates; and evaluate new projects, pilots and legislation.

The notice seeks responses from interested vendors offering a fair market price by 3:00 p.m. EST on August 12, 2022. Safeguards has not yet decided on a small business acquisition strategy.

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