Learn Linux from scratch, then learn how to get jobs in the field

This bundle offers a complete Linux career path, simple basics of networking and security, plus two courses demonstrating the best way to get Linux positions.

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Linux is 30 years old now, but it’s still as cool as it got on Mars. So if you’ve always wished you could work in tech but didn’t know where to start, you should definitely check it out The full set of 2022 Linux programming certification because it presents a whole career path, from the complete beginner to the security expert. Best of all, there are even courses to help you find a job once you have the skills.

Total novices can start with “Linux Crash Course for Beginners (2022)” to learn how Linux works, how to use the command line effectively, basic Linux system administration and more. Then you can go straight to networking in “Linux Network Administration” and become an experienced Linux user.

Once you have learned the basics, or if you already have the basics of Linux and want to move on to security, the “Security Guide for Linux Systems” can teach you about security measures for the Linux environment. This course can also help you pass the Redhat Certified Engineer (EX300) exam, which should really make your resume stand out.

Pluggable Authentication Modules courses are scarce, so “Linux PAM Administration” is really valuable. It explains the importance of PAM, shows you live examples, shows how to set it up and more.

Once you have the skills, it’s time to get the job. IT is a huge field with many different careers. “Get Your Dream Job in IT” can help you determine the right IT career for you based on your educational skills, preferences and more.

Then, “Completing the IT Job Search Course” can help you master resume and interview skills, learn how to search for jobs effectively, find the companies you are targeting, and more. This course has been rated 4.9 stars out of five by previous students. Instructor Imran Afzal brings more than two decades of experience in technology, training and public speaking to his students.

“Computer skills for parents to teach their children” completes the package. This is a guide for parents, teachers, and other adults to help children understand computers, including hardware, software, applications, and computer fundamentals.

Don’t miss this chance to train for a new IT career, get The full set of 2022 Linux programming certification today while it’s on sale for just $ 29.99 (normally $ 1,600).

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