Leitners’ new hybrid smartwatch will have a Plastic Logic electronic paper dial


Plastic Logic, a household name in electrophoretic glassless displays, provides the electronic paper display technology for a new hybrid smartwatch – Ad Maiora – developed by Czech Republic-based start-up Leitners.

There won’t be a touchscreen like seen with most smartwatches. Instead, the Ad Maiora will have an e-paper dial sourced from Plastic Logic. It will have the appearance of a traditional analog watch while having the connected functionality of a smart watch. Also, as is the case with the electronic paper display, the electronic paper dial on the Ad Maiora will be extremely thrifty at best. Readability is also excellent from almost any angle.

Leitners previously managed to raise around $ 220,000 on Kickstarter to fund the hybrid smartwatch development program. The Ad Maiora is expected to cost around $ 1,100 when it launches in late 2021. The timing of the launch couldn’t have been more opportune given that a report from Juniper Research claimed that hybrid smartwatches will account for half. of all connected watches sold in 2022.

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