LogicSource Streamlines User Experience in Its OneMarket® Source-to-Contract Technology Solution

NORWALK, Conn., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LogicSource, the leader in procurement services and technology, today announced a series of enhancements to its OneMarket technology platform, including a redesigned user experience across Source-to-Contract phases. of the procurement life cycle.

“As the demands placed on procurement organizations continue to increase in our disruptive and rapidly changing business environment, technology solutions must streamline the workloads of today’s procurement professionals,” said Seed of Jo, COO at LogicSource. “With continued feedback from expert practitioners, customer stakeholders, and vendor partners, we’ve improved the user experience on our OneMarket platform to make it easier and faster for procurement teams to deliver results.”

OneMarket’s recent enhancements have been built around three core principles: improving look and feel, simplifying user experience, and increasing integration for easy implementation and adoption. These principles aim to enable procurement professionals to spend less time in systems planning, executing and reporting on procurement activities and contracts, and more time building relationships with their stakeholders and suppliers. .

Notable enhancements to the OneMarket Source-to-Contract solution include:

  • Users have a single user environment to perform sourcing planning, project management, fulfillment and contract management activities, eliminating the need for multiple logins and re-entry of data
  • Newly designed landing pages enable faster access to features and provide a seamless experience between modules
  • Enhanced dashboards can be customized for each user, providing real-time visibility and reporting on procurement activities to effectively track and manage workload
  • Interactive widgets allow one-click navigation to source data for faster access and deeper examination
  • Dynamic navigation based on user activities enables fewer clicks, with preconfigured data views and user-targeted workflows to further simplify the user experience

These improvements follow The recent McKinsey studywho reports that institutionalizing a new operating model is the next frontier for procurement and business leaders, including investing in proven technology and process automation.

OneMarket is LogicSource’s Source-to-Pay technology platform, a fully integrated SaaS platform enabled by supporting procurement services and market intelligence. Designed by procurement professionals for procurement professionals, OneMarket offers procurement teams a new approach to enabling and automating the Source-to-Pay lifecycle.

About Logic Source
An innovative leader in procurement services and technology, LogicSource is uniquely designed to drive improved profits, mitigate risk and ensure supply chain continuity through better procurement. LogicSource focuses exclusively on sourcing and procuring indirect goods and services, which typically make up 20% of an organization’s revenue and the area of ​​most inefficient spending. These include complex categories such as marketing, packaging, business services, facilities, information technology, distribution and logistics, where organizations often lack capacity, focus and of scale to make best-in-class purchases. Unlike traditional advice-based consultants, LogicSource is a purpose-built procurement utility with assets configurable to their clients’ needs and ready to deploy – procurement as a service. Combining decades of sourcing and procurement expertise, superior market intelligence, cross-portfolio spend leverage, and their OneMarket Source-to-Pay technology, LogicSource executes custom solutions that deliver immediate savings. and lasting value. For more information, visit www.logicsource.com.

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