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For four weeks this summer, students from 54 counties across the state will participate in the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week program at Lycoming College.

While normal attendance is typically around 2,000 students, due to COVID, according to Karen Musante, president and CEO of the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education, which runs the sessions, this year’s program limits the number of students. 1,200 students over the four weeks, with approximately 300 students per session.

The group is also amending other aspects of the program to include security measures.

“We will be making a lot of changes this summer to keep the entire PFEW community safe,” said Musante.

“The most notable is to limit the size of our program to around two-thirds of our normal capacity”, said Musante.

“Some other changes include staggered registration and meal times, intense cleaning and sanitation, the encouragement and provision of outdoor workspaces, and the use of facilities that allow participants to maintain a safe distance. “ she said.

Last year, the in-person program was canceled due to the pandemic, which also prompted the group to only hold sessions this year at Lycoming rather than Penn College and Lycoming.

“We know that bringing people together in this unique setting opens students to discoveries about themselves and the world”, said Musante.

“The cancellation of PFEW 2020 has reinforced our feeling that we do our best when we are together as a learning community. It reminded us that we better prepare our students to be critical thinkers, ethical citizens, and compassionate beings when we can provide a full residential experience. The residential setting of the university campus is where we fulfill our mission and do the noble work of transforming lives ”, she added.

This year’s sessions are scheduled for July 4-9, July 11-16, July 25-30, and August 1-6. While on campus, high school juniors and seniors form leadership teams of 16 members and an adult mentor to run a mock manufacturing business that competes with other student businesses in a variety of business competitions. intensive.

According to Scott T. Lee, vice president of marketing and development at FFEE, “As they navigate the complex world of modern business operations, they discover skills, talents and career paths never before considered. “

“Throughout the week, world-class speakers come to deliver powerful messages on business, ethics, communication, entrepreneurship, teamwork, professional skills and other topics that lead to personal and professional success. ” he said.

Musante added to Lee’s statement saying: “By doing this, we hope to open doors to career opportunities in our communities and our state, thereby improving the business climate in Pennsylvania. “

The program is available to all high school students in the state, including public, private, parochial, cyber, charter, technical, and home schools. Scholarships provided by state-owned enterprises, chambers of commerce, foundations, civic organizations or individuals help fund student participation.

Lee noted that sponsors believe the key to the state “Future success lies in educating our young people about private enterprise and their future role in our economy and in opening doors to careers directly in their own communities. “

Musante said that “Perhaps the best measure of PFEW’s success lies in the words of our students, volunteers, visitors and donors. “

“Each student writes a thank you letter to their sponsor. In these letters, students describe in detail the short-term impact of the PFEW on their skills, beliefs, knowledge and future plans ”, she continued.

“Often when we visit our partner organizations and donors, we hear stories of students they have hired or provided an internship to as a result of their PFEW experience. “ she added.

Since the first PFEW program took place in 1979, over 46,000 students from all counties have benefited from this unique concept of economic education.

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