Mobile Legends developer Moonton wins defamation lawsuit against Tencent

A Shanghai court has ruled in favor of Mobile Legends developer MOONTON Games in a legal battle against megacorporation Tencent, following what is described as corporate defamation against the former.

According to Jiemian, the court ruled in favor of MOONTON and upheld an earlier verdict that Tencent’s actions constituted corporate defamation, with the aim of discrediting the game developer and weakening its position in Indonesia.

The report said Tencent had hired lawyers to approach MOONTON’s partners in Indonesia, RevivalTV, ahead of the MPL esports tournament.

According to Yicai’s report, Tencent had used intimidating language, claiming that they had already won the ongoing plagiarism lawsuit between Mobile Legends and Riot’s League of Legends (Riot is owned by Tencent), despite no such verdict. .

This stems from the formation of MOONTON itself – Tencent’s claim is that MOONTON CEO Xu Zhenhua violated non-compete agreements by establishing the company after being fired from the company.

However, the court ruled that it was irrelevant to tell the business partners that the company had won a lawsuit that it had not, causing them to lose the case.

As a result, Tencent is ordered to pay a total of 220,000 yuan (over RM143,000) to MOONTON in damages for the incident.

It should be noted that a previous court had already ruled in favor of MOONTON, and today’s verdict is the result of the Court of Appeal upholding the verdict against Tencent.

Neither company commented on the lawsuit following the ruling.

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