No DMVs, business licenses, museums, or routine road maintenance if the Alaskan government closes on July 1


Alaskans will not be able to get a student loan, business license, driver’s license, or visit a public shooting range or museum if the state government closes on July 1.

Late Wednesday, Alaska State published a list showing which services will partially or fully stop during a government shutdown.

According to the list, the ferries will continue to run, Medicaid will still pay for health care and prisons and Pioneer Homes will remain open.

The new list is not entirely clear: it indicates that sport and commercial fishing will only be opened to the extent necessary “to maintain constitutional obligations”. It cannot be explained beyond that. The list also doesn’t mention what’s happening to the state court system or the University of Alaska.

Alaska lawmakers began a special session of the Alaska Legislature on Wednesday in an effort to avoid a shutdown caused by the failure to finalize a budget for the coming fiscal year. A stop remains possible.

The list spans 10 pages. Here are the highlights:

• The Alaska Psychiatric Institute

• Unemployment insurance

• Emergency management and Alaska Volcano Observatory

• State soldiers and criminal prosecutors

• Investment staff from Alaska Permanent Fund Corp.

• Routine road maintenance

• The dividend division of the permanent fund

• DMV agencies and civil status offices (birth, death and marriage certificates)

• State museums and archives

• Public shooting ranges

• Teacher certification

• Prison chaplain programs

• Marketing of tourism and seafood products

Business licenses, alcohol licenses and marijuana licenses (except for application, suspension and revocation)

• The Alaska Public Offices Commission, which regulates political campaigns

• Air and water quality permit

• The benefits program for seniors

What is uncertain or partially closed

• Commercial and sport fisheries

• Regulation of utilities and regulation of oil and gas drilling

• lunch programs for kindergarten to grade 12 students

• Drinking water monitoring and air quality advisory

• The Alaska Elections Division

• The office of the governor and the office of the lieutenant governor

• Public health laboratories

• Childcare benefits and the Women, Infants and Children program

• Occupational health and safety inspections

• National park management

• Dam safety inspections

• The fiscal division of the state

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