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Los Angeles, California, United States, September 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – There are over 23.9 million “software developers” around the world, so how do you choose a team that meets your specific needs? Many companies choose to outsource their development, but choosing the right team can be a challenge. The key is to focus on three basic qualities of a developer you are considering: their experience, their process, and their attitude.

FusionHit combines both experience and process to optimize solutions for large Fortune 500 players, as well as small movers and disruptive shakers.

To treat

Outsourcing your software development with FusionHit involves an intimate, patient communication process that prioritizes listening and learning.

A deep understanding of your business model

The FusionHit team is made up of close-knit professionals who take the time to listen to and learn from each other. The same principles are implemented for customers. There are as many business models as there are companies, so FusionHit rejects the one-size-fits-all approach. One size fits all, and to make sure you get the most suitable fit, FusionHit takes the time to delve into the details of your business model and goals.

Differentiating what FusionHit provides is a critical step in helping clients achieve their goals. For example, you might have two high-end retailers with totally different requirements for the design of their user interfaces. Even though both solutions are coded with JavaScript, the functionality will invariably be distinct.

For example, both retailers may need a mobile app. Retailer 1 may be trying to increase engagement with their loyal customers because they’ve noticed a drop in their numbers. Retailer 2 can serve a similar customer base, but could target new customers. The types of carousels of images, videos, buttons, swipe options and other interactive elements will need to be customized to help Retailer 1 re-establish their customer base and Retailer 2 attract new customers.

An extensive skill set

While many people are aware of the differences between Android and iOS apps, or maybe Windows and macOS, some of the differences between development languages ​​can play a big role in which one best meets your needs.
FusionHit’s talent pool consists of people familiar with a wide range of coding languages, so there is always an expert ready to design an optimal solution. FusionHit’s programming language library includes:

• ReactJS
• Angular
• NodeJS
• Microsoft.NET
• Java
• Rubies on rails
• UiPath
• Android / Swift

The FusionHit team’s extensive knowledge base is one of your most powerful resources. For example, suppose you need a developed web application. In this case, FusionHit knows the advantages of one language over another and can base the decision on the details of your unique process and product. For example, in situations where a precise user interface is needed quickly, the development process is faster with React than with Angular. The end result can also be more user-friendly if React is the language of choice.

On the other hand, when a more complete solution is needed, Angular may end up requiring less work. FusionHit knows which language to use and has developers who are well versed in all of your options.

A versatile assortment of development services

While a developer who only produces solutions for a single, narrow niche can still meet your needs, choosing a company that serves many types of businesses is often the best choice. Various offerings generate a more complete set of tools, and each type of tool and solution used and developed brings with it an experience that can improve the quality of your end result.

The FusionHit team is made up of talents who have managed:

• Mobile app
• Customized software solutions
• Cloud computing solutions
• Alexa skills development
• Blockchain solutions
• User interface design / user experience (UI / UX)
• Automation of robotic processes
• Software quality assurance
• DevOps
• Customization of Microsoft Dynamics 365

With such a diverse body of experience, FusionHit provides clients with a more comprehensive talent team. Problem-solving skills developed for one discipline tend to directly or indirectly improve solutions designed for another discipline.
Agile development practices

Agile software development helps ensure a stronger end result without sacrificing speed and efficiency. This involves frequent feedback from stakeholders and team members, as each plays a role. Just as it often takes “a village to raise a child”, it takes a diverse and agile team to design effective software.

In contrast, “agile”, in many ways, is the opposite of what is called the “waterfall” approach. With the cascade, the objective, the design methodology and the general trajectory of the software are decided in advance. The following steps are designed to fit the original plan. With agile development, different teams work together to design your solution, drawing inspiration from each other – and you – throughout the process. This is what FusionHit does.

Agile development is a powerful attribute of an outsourced development solution because it results in a better overall product. With FusionHit, quality improvement is a by-product of:

• Constant feedback. Every element of the project is developed quickly so that the team can get valuable feedback.
• Frequent communication. Daily check-ins, or scrums, ensure everyone is on the same page and receives the support they need to ensure the quality of your solution. If someone needs help, or if they encounter an obstacle, they can get the help they need right away.
• Small phases. The production process is broken down into short effort sprints, typically only taking a week or two. When your development is done in small phases, you can prioritize certain elements of your project. The team can collect feedback and then move on to the next small phase.
• Direction. Good leadership allows the team to produce a quality product while ensuring that everyone is accountable for their responsibilities. Leadership can come from the customer side or from FusionHit, depending on the nature of the product.

While there are millions of people and businesses with the name tag “Software Developer”, you may not have as many viable choices as you seem. With FusionHit, you get the processes and experience that put your business, culture, and goals at the forefront, using them as the foundation for a great end product. To learn more, log into FusionHit today.

Website: https://www.fusionhit.com/


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