PAX West 2022: Interview with the developer of my friendly neighborhood

Iron Lords Podcast and LOGNET’s Own Lord Cognito was live on the PAX West show to give us the latest previews, developer interviews, and more. One of the great games he was able to sit down and check out was My friendly neighborhood an upcoming horror game that features a variety of puzzles as well as absolutely terrifying puppets. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a first-person horror movie featuring the muppets, this might be the game for you.

Interview with my friendly neighborhood developer | Pax West 2022

Here’s a brief synopsis of the game on the Steam store page.

“Something is wrong with everyone’s favorite Saturday morning puppet show! For years, The Friendly Neighborhood’s colorful cast have delighted audiences around the world with their culinary capers and educational adventures. However, at as time passed and interest waned, the production studio ran out of money and closed for good.Toy sales would decline, and balloons and birthday cakes would find new mascots. Over time, the once-familiar names would coalesce into increasingly specialized fandoms.Until one night years later, the studio unexpectedly came to life and began airing The Friendly Neighborhood. TVs around the world flicker for a moment before the familiar puppets return for a surprise encore!But this isn’t your typical family vacation special…those husbands. do we eat?

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