Save on a STEM learning platform for kids that’s also a fully functional laptop

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TL; DR: From August 22, you can get the CrowPi L basic kit with a real Raspberry Pi laptop to learn programming and hardware(opens in a new tab) for only $270.99 instead of $279 — that’s a 2% discount.

Want to help develop a love of technology and guide your child’s natural curiosity? You may be able to do both by putting your child in front of the right kind of computer. Specifically, the CrowPi L Basic Kit. This Raspberry Pi laptop is both a fully functional computer and a STEM learning platform for kids.(opens in a new tab). On sale for $270.99, the CrowPi could become an outlet for your child’s curiosity and help cultivate their love for technology.

A computer that’s supposed to come apart at the seams

Although small, the CrowPi L is still a fully functional laptop that works with a Raspberry Pi. It has an 11.6-inch screen, built-in keyboard, touchpad, and ports to connect items such as external displays, USB sticks or other compatible devices.

As exciting as a new computer can be for your youngster, some of the other features could be even more exciting. This computer comes with 96 programming courses(opens in a new tab) integrated. These include 16 Letscode game design lessons, 32 introductory Python syntax lessons, 24 Letscode hardware check lessons, and 24 Python hardware check lessons.

It is not abnormal to discover your the child loves to take things apart, even technology. The advantage of the CrowPi L is that it is made to be disassembled. Many hardware control lessons even specifically call for disassembling the CrowPi L itself, and putting it back together could be a fun activity in itself.

Help arouse your child’s curiosity

There may never be a guarantee that your child will get into STEM, but there’s no harm in giving them a fun educational toy that could help inspire their curiosity and passion for technology while showing him rudimentary coding skills. For a limited time, the CrowPi L Basic Kit(opens in a new tab) with Real Raspberry Pi Laptop for Learning Programming & Hardware is currently on sale for $270.99, down from $279.

Prices subject to change.

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