SeeDevice, Inc. SWIR CMOS Sensor Technology Joins John Deere’s 2022 Startup Collaborator Program

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  • SeeDevice– A company working to provide enhanced CMOS SWIR image sensing capabilities and performance, using quantum photodetector technology in automotive, biomedical and machine vision applications.

  • John Deere has added seven companies to its 2022 Startup Collaborator program, which helps John Deere deepen its interaction with start-up companies whose technology could add value to John Deere customers in the future.

Deere & Company has announced that the companies that will be part of the 2022 cohort of their Startup Collaborator program are Burro, Crop.Zone, Four Growers, SeeDevice, Ucropit, ViewAR and Yard Stick.

“The startup collaborator shows that part of our investment in technology is establishing a mechanism to help external ideas and knowledge collide with our own,” said Julian Sanchez, director, emerging technologies for John Deere. “Agriculture is a field ripe for technology pioneers, and the Startup Collaborative Program is a way to walk that journey with others.”

This program was launched in 2019 to improve and deepen its interaction with startups whose technology could add value to John Deere customers. SeeDevice joins promising startups working to innovate breakthrough technology for agricultural and construction equipment with the mentorship and affiliation of a world-class leader, John Deere. SeeDevice pioneers first-of-its-kind CMOS-based SWIR image sensor technology based on quantum tunneling and plasmonic phenomena in standard logic CMOS process. As a fabless quantum image sensor licensing company, Seedevice will collaborate with John Deere to implement its Quantum Photo-Detection–QPD™ CMOS SWIR image sensor technology for agricultural and industrial applications and solutions. SeeDevice’s unique technology is capable of broad-spectrum sensing capability from a single CMOS pixel to detect spectral wavelengths from visual and near-infrared NIR (~400 nm – 1100 nm), up to at short wave infrared – SWIR (~1600 nm), fabricated on a normal logic CMOS process.

“We are very honored to be invited to Deere’s Start-up Collaborator program. The feasibility of a single-sensor solution from visible wavelengths to SWIR wavelengths opens the doors to new industrial use cases previously impossible due to performance, cost, power and size limitations. To our knowledge, this is the first in the industry to achieve this level of performance, so we are excited to work with John Deere to improve the next-generation image sensing with quantum sensing,” said Thomas Kim, CEO and Founder of SeeDevice.

“The expansion of this year’s collaboration program provides John Deere with the opportunity to work with this globally diverse group across a wide range of technology spaces while continuing to create value for our customers,” said Michele Kaiser, business development manager for John Deere.

About SeeDevice:

SeeDevice empowers the next generation of AI vision systems and smart monitoring devices with quantum-based SWIR CMOS image sensing. Leverage strong technical skills and engineering expertise to drive wide-scale OEM adoption of state-of-the-art infrared sensitivity using innovative quantum pixel technology and advances in standard logic CMOS process technology .

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