Sifu to get accessibility options and difficulty settings, developer reveals

In a recent interview featured on The Weekly talk show, SloClap co-founder Pierre Tarno revealed that Sifu could get more accessibility options further down the line. This comes shortly after the game’s incredible critical acclaim and ensuing discussion around its unforgiving and sometimes frustrating difficulty level.

As noted on Twitter by show host Stever Saylor, there are a handful of well-received accessibility changes in the works. In addition to closed captions and high contrast mode for PlayStation platforms, Sifu will also feature multiple difficulty modes – both easier and harder to allow players of all skill levels to get the most out of the experience; something inspired by the likes of Metroid Dread.

No official announcement on this has yet been made, so it would be best to keep expectations in check for now. GamingBolt gave Sifu an 8/10 in our review, stating that Sifu is “a challenging game that rewards more than it frustrates”. Previously, SloClap also announced that Sifu would also get post-launch content updates – read more about that here.

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