Social media post about Oklahoma casino visit leads to arrest of probationer



WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX / KJTL) – Publication of his visit to an Oklahoma casino could jeopardize the probation of an identity thief.

Jeramy Brown was jailed on Tuesday and ordered his detention without bond under an arrest warrant filed after the district attorney’s office requested that his 10-year probation be revoked.

Jeramy brown

Brown was placed on 10-year probation in 2015 for possession of more than 50 pieces of identification.

The district attorney’s office alleges multiple violations of probation restrictions, including using multiple drugs and traveling to Oklahoma without permission, and being in a place where alcohol is sold, in especially the River Star Casino in Terrell.

When a probation officer asked about his Facebook post about being at the casino, they said he replied, “Oh, I guess I should take this off Facebook,” and admitted to being there.

The co-defendant in this case, Kyle King, also had his probation revoked in 2020 based on allegations he stole a camera, tested positive for alcohol and punctured a woman’s tire. King was put back on probation with more restrictions.

Kyle king

King is the owner of a former computer programming company in Wichita Falls and has been arrested for stealing the personal information of over 100 clients. Police said his business was bankrupt and used victims’ bank and credit card accounts and guaranteed fraudulent loans on behalf of victims.

Police said Brown was an accomplice and agreed to help with the program to help pay off King’s methamphetamine habit.


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