Sony bought developer ‘Halo’ – here’s what it means for PS5s

Since 2001, “Halo” has been the flagship title of Microsoft’s XBox series of consoles – the direct competitor to Sony’s Playstation series. Both console series launched new iterations in 2020, and both suffered from supply chain difficulties that made it difficult for buyers to bring the devices home.

Sony PlayStation 5 video game console



The purchase of SIE comes just weeks after Microsoft purchased Activition/Blizzard, another major game developer, for $68.7 billion – the company’s biggest ever purchase.

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of SIE, said in a blog post that “Bungie will remain an independent, cross-platform studio and publisher,” making it unlikely that the announced titles will disappear from the XBox catalog.

However, it is impossible to ignore that this purchase disrupts the consolidation pattern of the video game industry. As video games grew from a niche market to a nearly $80 billion-a-year industry, the scattered community of small, disjointed teams responsible for early hits like “Mortal Kombat” and “Super Mario Bros.” has morphed into a few massive companies fighting fiercely for market supremacy. Industry experts have pointed out that these types of consolidations will have a ripple effect that is almost impossible to predict, as they shift power from game developers to owner of different platforms.

Xbox Series X Video Game Console, Black

Xbox Series X Video Game Console, Black



What does this mean for you, the consumer? If, like many, you still haven’t been able to get your hands on a new XBox or Playstation console, it’s probably only wise to make your decision based on which franchises interest you the most. Gamers eager to return to the world of “Destiny” – or explore new franchises in the same vein – might be safer to buy a Playstation 5. Meanwhile, fans of “Diablo”, “Overwatch” and “Call of Duty” might be smarter to make the opposite decision and go with an XBox Series X.

Either way, you’re still going to have to get lucky while waiting for one or the other to appear in stock.

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