Sorry, But Ubisoft Doesn’t Make Blade Games, Developer Says Itself

Despite what you may have heard recently, Ubisoft himself has crushed all the rumors that he is working on a Blade game.

The initial rumor that Ubisoft was developing a game based on the Marvel Blade character was due to Instagram posts from July showing motion capture actors in Ubisoft-branded costumes. Not only that, but one of the images shows one of the actors holding a clapperboard that says the name of the production is Marvel.

The flame for that rumor was then reignited when YouTuber and Ubisoft leaker JorRaptor pointed out how the clapperboard also lists Bassam Tariq as the director, who is helming Marvel’s 2023 Blade reboot. However, in a rather unusual move for a developer, Ubisoft actually released an announcement to say no, the studio is not working on a Blade game.

“Sorry to sever rumours, we don’t make Blade games,” wrote Ubisoft’s official Twitter account. “We can’t wait to see what our friends at Marvel Studios are up to for next year’s movie!”

Typically, most studios won’t bother to respond to rumours, especially if they’re not accurate, but it’s obvious that Ubisoft felt the need to do so on this occasion.

To be fair to those who thought a Blade game might be on the way, the two actors featured are video game mo-cap actors. One of the actors, Alex Martin, has even worked with Ubisoft on a trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2as Eurogamer noted, the speculation was therefore not entirely unwarranted.

The clapperboard might have been just a little fun for the actors, but there’s no solid way of knowing unless Ubisoft explains in more detail, or one of the actors provides an explanation of what’s going on. was going on, and if it was even a Ubisoft project they were recording for.

Ubisoft is working on other Disney-owned projects, including the recently delayed Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and an open-world Star Wars game, but a Blade game is just a pipe dream for now.

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