Source: Dan Quinn is ‘Sexiest Coach Name’; How can Jerry Jones of the Cowboys keep him ‘aggressively’?

FRISCO – I heard this from a dozen NFL people I spoke to throughout the day Tuesday as the Dallas Cowboys prepared to host the San Francisco 49ers in the playoff game of Sunday — and as defensive coordinator Dan Quinn was preparing to win this game and pave the way for his future return as NFL head coach.

“Dan Quinn is the hottest name in coaching.”

It is now a fact. The Denver Broncos are focused on him, to the point where I believe their GM is interviewing “head coach candidates” who are actually candidates to become Quinn’s coordinators. (More here.)

Quinn also received interview requests from almost everyone with a vacancy, including the Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars.

These are facts. But there is also a fantasy at play: “Jerry can just buy Quinn to keep him!” “ Or, “Quinn says he loves coaching in Dallas, so he’s staying!”

Quinn keeps saying pro-Dallas things “(I love it here!”) and passionate, inspirational things that seemingly convince Cowboys Nation that after nine months in Frisco, he’s “Cowboys for Life.”

“There’s just nothing to report from me,” Quinn said this week when asked about the interview process. “It’s nice to hear if anyone is interested. But there is really nothing to add from my side.

“There’s nothing to add” from Quinn’s side because that’s her agent’s job. And his agent is doing a hell of a job.

These “Cowboy For Life” notions are charming thoughts, and even his colleague Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated suggests the Cowboys could get “aggressive” in their efforts to retain Quinn as defensive coordinator. According to Breer’s report:

“How badly do the Cowboys want to hang on to Dan Quinn? From what I can gather, the Joneses love their freshman defensive coordinator. And with teams that will surely want to talk to him about their coaching openings chief in the next few weeks, it will be interesting to see if Dallas gets aggressive in trying to find a way to keep Quinn around.’

Breer is correct about Jones’ affection for Quinn; we established that from the beginning. There’s also no argument about its “hot” status elsewhere.

The argument? What does “aggressive” mean?

The Joneses are used to making valued employees feel like “family.” Former coach Jason Garrett experienced this. Executive Will McClay is living it now.

But “aggressive” can only mean “power”, “title” and “salary”. The Cowboys can’t offer Quinn a grander or more powerful title than “Head Coach of the Denver Broncos.” whip an assistant, the money (and the power and the title) involved in being a head coach, running your own program, is alluring.

“America’s Team” is a special thing. But the facts say the Cowboys are set to lose Quinn (see replacements here) and logic says that for Dan Quinn, being in charge of a program rather than being a highly paid coordinator is more And I don’t know not how the “aggressiveness” of the Cowboys changes that.

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